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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

PS3 Exclusives  9/10 By Jon Bannister JRPG fans rejoiced when news of a Studio Ghibli title was on the way. Now that it has arrived, all the excitement has been fully justified. The first thing everyone notices is the fantastical and lively animation that is the trademark of any Studio Ghibli film. This adds that […]

PS3 Move Controllers

What is Playstation Move?

By Jon Bannister Overview of Sony’s Playstation Move – Wii and Xbox Kinects Challenger The Wii set new standards for motion activated gaming using its highly technical Wii-Mote to allow players to play games physically. Shortly after Xbox 360 launched its Xbox Kinect to compete. Then Sony released its version, the Playstation Move. The Playstation […]

Should I buy a Playstation 3?

Should I buy a Playstation 3?

By Jon Bannister When does the PS4 come out? Is it a good time to buy the PS3 in 2012? Sony is noted for the long life of their consoles, squeezing out every last drop it can until it releases a new console. We saw the Playstation 2 last 6 strong years, with games STILL […]

Best PS3 Exclusive Games

Best PS3 Exclusive Games

Top 10 Rated PS3 Exclusive Games By Jon Bannister The Playstation 3 is old, real old. Released on November 17th in 2006, it is 6 years old and has seen a lot in its long run. Exclusive titles that define the system as well as the Sony Brand. It’s no doubt titles such as Call […]

Resistance 3

PS3 Exclusives  7.5/10 By Jon Bannister The original Resistance launch title on PS3 was a huge hit. Though the 3rd version doesn’t have the insanely huge 40 player online matches, it is much stable at 16 players online, and is still extremely exciting. As with most FPS’s, them multiplayer is the core features. It has […]

Killzone 3

PS3 Exclusives  8/10 By Jon Bannister Killzone is a long running PS3 exclusive that has its place in fans hearts. In the over saturated market of FPS shooters it’s hard to stand out, especially when just on one console. But PS3 owners KNOW about Killzone, and for a good reason. One of the first games […]

Gran Turismo 5

PS3 Exclusives  8/10 By Jon Bannister No PS3 exclusive list would be complete without hands down one of the best racing games in video game HISTORY! The first game in the epic racing series to feature online races with up to 16 players. You will find well over 1,000 cars, race in over 25+ different […]


PS3 Exclusives  8/10 By Jon Bannister inFAMOUS (or inFamous) is an action adventure game set in an open sandbox type world. You play as a bike messenger caught in the middle of a devastating explosion that destroys several blocks of a fictional New York. Long story short, you gain special electric powers, which that game […]

God of War 3

PS3 Exclusives  8.5/10 By Jon Bannister God of War 3 is a sequel in the award winning God of War series, started on the Playstation 2. You play again as the character Kratos in a mix of 3rd Person and 1st person combat, sprinkled with quick time events. The puzzle game elements are back in […]

Twisted Metal

PS3 Exclusives  8.5/10 By Jon Bannister Twisted Metal is known as a classic, a grandfather of games. If you ever had the original Playstation in the 90s, you know about Twisted Metal. It’s returned once again on the PS3, released on February 14th of this year (making it a newer title) – it brings back […]

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

PS3 Exclusives  9.0/10 By Jon Bannister Of course this wouldn’t be a complete list without any of the Uncharted games on it. Hounded as one of the best Playstation exclusive series ever, and even in the game industry, Uncharted 3 is the latest in the series. It is the direct sequel to Uncharted 2: Among […]

Demons Souls

PS3 Exclusives  9.0/10 By Jon Bannister An extremely challenging yet rewarding action RPG developed just for us PS3 gamers. Set in a dark fantasy world, you venture through the world of Boletaria, where you will be fighting against the demons who feast on your living souls. The games takes a 3rd person perspective and allows […]

Heavy Rain

PS3 Exclusives  9.5/10 By Jon Bannister Heavy Rain is a different kind of video game and exclusive to the PS3 – which makes us happy to have rights to such an exhilarating game play experience. An interactive psychological thriller, full of drama and emotion to suck you into the story. When was the last time […]

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots

PS3 Exclusives  9.5/10 By Jon Bannister Directed by the genius Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is another episode in the tactical espionage action game series. Pitting you as a much older Solid Snake you embark on what could be your final mission, utilizing stealth alongside traditional combat. This version of […]