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Best Pre-Workout Supplement

Top 10 Rated Pre-Workout Supplements 2024


A pre-workout supplement can make all the difference in the gym when trying to get energy. Some are not familiar with pre-workouts and do’nt know what they do, or the power they have.

To find out more about pre-workout supplements and how they can drastically improve performance in the gym, see this article: What is a pre-workout supplement

We base our top 10 list on a few critera:

1) Ingredients in supplements
2) Price
3) Servings per container
4) Energy Gained
5) Focus Gained
6) Pump Increase
7) Creatine included or not
8) Taste/Mixable
9) Crash or no crash
10) Side Effects/Upset Stomach/etc

A good preworkout can help you immensely – but they aren’t for everyone. Talk to a doctor before you use one – and see our article on what a pre-workout supplement is for.

Craze Pre-Workout  9.8/10

45 Servings per $33 container
Tastes Great, 2 flavors
Insane Focus/Endurance
Small Serving Size
Has Creatine

Craze is a new PWO on the market and it is already one of the most used and favorited pre-workouts on the market. It tastes great, has 45 servings per container, and at $33 per container this is way more then most PWO’s. You want to talk about insane focus and huge increases in endurance – Craze is just what it says, CRAZED. A great PWO for those who are ready to step their game up in the gym.


Jack3D Micro  8/10

About 30 servings per container
No Creatine or Beta Alanine
Tiny Scoops
Clean Energy
Big Pumps
No Crash

Jack3D Micro is another new PWO which is different from their original Jack3D formula. This new one has no creatine or beta alanine in it – which means you won’t get that itching feeling. The energy feels very clean and you will get some great pumps. This is a good clean PWO, it’s great for those who are new to pre-workouts or those who just want something clean.


Muscle Pharm Assault  8.5/10

About 16 Servings (1 full scoop)
30 Servings (1/2 scoop)
Has Creatine/Beta Alanine
Insane Endurance
Great Pump

Muscle Pharm Assault’s new formula and look has made huge improvements. This version of Assault is a hefty PWO with some big ingredients in it. One scoop is huge and you will get a good ratio of beta alanine, creatine (con-CRETE), BCAAS, and much more. It’s a heavy duty PWO that itches more then others on your body – but will take you to the next level in the gym.


C4 Extreme  8.5/10

30 Servings
Has Creatine/Beta Alanine
Increased Energy
No Crash

C4 Extreme is another heavy PWO that will push your focus through the roof. You won’t crash and it will give you a pretty intense beta alanine tingle. For some reason I didn’t get that great of a pump, but that doesnt matter to me. This PWO does have Yohimbine in it – so this PWO is more geared towards people tolerant to caffeine/stimulants.


BSN N.O-Xplode  7.5/10

30 Servings
Has Creatine/Beta Alanine
Great pumps!
Good endurance/energy

NO Xplode is a simple PWO that has been around for a while. NO Xplode will do just what it is and make you EXPLODE in the gym. You will get huge pumps from it’s insane amount of energy/focus provided. These pumps are some of the best I have gotten from a PWO – unfortunately NO Xplode didnt alike to my taste buds to well – but I can stomach it.


White Flood PWO  8.5/10

50 Servings
NO Creatine
Good energy/focus
Great Value!

White Flood is a great PWO for those who don’t need creatine in a supplement before workouts. It has a great value of 50 servings for just $30 – way more servings then most PWO’s! And cheaper! But it still mixes great, and provides a great increase to energy and focus. A good PWO!


Platinum PRE  7/10

Has Beta Alanine
No Creatine
ON Brand trusted
Energy is good

Platinum PRE is a new PWO from Optimum Nutrition – a very trusted brand in the supplement industry. It’s decently priced and provides some good energy/pump, with no crash. It tasted decent, but later in my workout I had a spicey taste in my mouth, which I later found out this product includes beat juice powder and grape seeed extract (spicey taste)


ON Essential Amino Energy  9/10

Sugar Free
No Creatine
Great Taste/Mixibility
Natural Clean Energy
Has Beta Alanine

ON Essential Amino isn’t really a dedicated PWO – its more of a product to mix in with water to get some BCAAS. But it does contain beta alanine and some great energy, and can be used as a PWO. I used it as a PWO for a few months and really enjoyed the energy/focus it provided. It’s cheap too and can make a great alternative to spending more on a PWO.


1MR PWO  7/10

Extreme Focus
Increase Energy/Endurance
Horrible Taste

1MR has been around a while and you either love it or hate it. It provides a huge increase to energy/focus and will increase your muscular endurance. The down side is it tastes really bad and gave me a big crash. I got tolerant to it very fast as well. For the time that it works, it’s pretty extreme, if you can deal with a crash.


HEMO-RAGE Black Ultra Concentrate  8/10

$31 for 30 servings
Increased Focus/Concentration
Flavor is alright
Has Creatine/Beta Alanine

HEMO-RAGE is a PWO that prides itself on only needing 1 scoop to feel the effects, opposed to other PWO’s that might take 2,3 or even 4 scoops. This PWO is pretty balanced with a clean feeling on the energy.


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