Demons Souls

PS3 Exclusives  9.0/10


Demons Souls PS3 Exclusive
An extremely challenging yet rewarding action RPG developed just for us PS3 gamers. Set in a dark fantasy world, you venture through the world of Boletaria, where you will be fighting against the demons who feast on your living souls. The games takes a 3rd person perspective and allows you to choose from 10 starting classes such as mages or thieves, each with different skills, gears, and weapons. This is a INCREDIBABLY hard game – you can’t pause in the middle of the battle. The enemies are ruthless. This game will NOT hold your hand, instead it will challenge you. You will die, over and over again. But when you finally do succeed, beat that one enemy, you will have a great feeling of satisfaction that you haven’t felt since you played a game on Super Nintendo. Another mechanic included to test your might, the game gets harder the more you die. Try not to die much in Demons Souls. Don’t be scared, it is a rewarding experience and you can pick it up as a PS3 Greatest Hits game, thats for a reason too!


The challenging nature of this game will make you love it or hate it, we love it


The Challenging nature of this game might turn some casual people off