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Resistance 3

PS3 Exclusives  7.5/10


Resistance 3 PS3 Exclusive Title
The original Resistance launch title on PS3 was a huge hit. Though the 3rd version doesn’t have the insanely huge 40 player online matches, it is much stable at 16 players online, and is still extremely exciting. As with most FPS’s, them multiplayer is the core features. It has 5 game modes including Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction, and Breach. All 5 of these extremely fun and addicting. Shoot and frag your way through the multiplayer and earn points to spend on upgrades for weapons and different combat attributes. This is an extremely fun post-apocalyptic science fiction game that does the series well. You will get hours of fun online in this game and the single player isn’t half bad for an FPS. If you want another unique FPS online experience that isn’t a Call of Duty clone, look no further.


The apocalyptic setting is gorgeous

Multiplayer has tons of features to keep you playing for months

Great downloadable content once you have mastered the game, for more playability


We kind of miss the massive 40 player matches from the original