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God of War 3

PS3 Exclusives  8.5/10


God of War 3 PS3 Exclusive Title Cover
God of War 3 is a sequel in the award winning God of War series, started on the Playstation 2. You play again as the character Kratos in a mix of 3rd Person and 1st person combat, sprinkled with quick time events. The puzzle game elements are back in this mature themed platform adventure. Hack and slash your way through the Romanian times. You will come across many characters from ancient tales such as the powerful god Poseidon and Zeus. It’s a really fun single-player experience, which we believe you have to experience. Enemies on screen at once can go from 15 to 50, these major battles are what makes this game have a new level of gameplay. Pick up God of War 3, and the other 2 while your at it for one of the best game experiences, exclusive to PS3.


Seeing Kratos make a return is awesome

The story will suck you win

Combat feels fluid and smooth, it’s just fun to slash enemies up

Greatest Hits Title means a great price on a great game


If you havent played God of War 1 or 2, you might not follow along with this one