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Best Digital SLR Cameras

Top 10 Rated Digital SLR Cameras 2024

The most important factors that we looked for in selecting our top 10 digital SLR cameras included:

1. Megapixels
2. Video and audio quality
3. Button and menu interface
4. Battery life
5. Anti-shake technology
6. ISO level and minimal noise
7. LCD screen size and articulation
8. Shutter speed and burst mode that take continuous shots quickly (measured in frames per second)
9. Weight, build, and durability
10. Value for the price

Color: Black
3-inch LCD screen
18 MP
1.1 pounds
8.8″ x 6.8″ x 5.5″

For $712.95, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i captures beautiful, crisp shots with 18 MP. The camera comes with an 18-55mm lens, but it’s compatible with every other Canon EF and EF-S…read more

Sony A65  9/10

Color: Black
24.3 Megapixels
3-inch High resolution LCD screen
OLED Viewfinder

The 24.3 MP HD CMOS sensor will capture high quality images that can be blown up to very large sizes without losing great amounts of detail. There are tons of scene modes…read more

Nikon D5200  9/10

Color: Black
3-inch LCD screen
24.1 MP
1.3 pounds
9″ x 9″ x 9″

Nikon D5200 ReviewThe Nikon D5200 is an update of the 2011 D5100. The most important differences are the 24.1 MP sensor, a built-in stereo mic for video, and the 39 point auto focus system found in the D7000…read more

Nikon D600  8.5/10

Color: Black
24.3 MP
1080p full hd video recording
3.2 inch high resolution screen
1.6 pounds
5.55” x 4.45” x 3.23”

This camera fills the gap between the professional and the enthusiast categories. The build of the camera itself reflects that very nicely. The body is small, light, weather sealed…read more

Color: Black
2.7-inch LCD screen
12.2 MP
1.1 pound
8.8″ x 6.6″ x 5.5″

For $454.95, this is a moderately priced, entry-level digital SLR with enough automatic and manual controls to satisfy both photography students and camera experts. Its video recording…read more

Nikon D3100  8.5/10

Color: Black
3-inch LCD screen
14.2 MP
1.3 pounds
7″ x 13″ x 6″

A high-quality entry-level digital SLR camera, this Nikon model will satisfy photographers from a beginner to intermediate level with its intuitive controls and fantastic picture quality…read more

Canon EOS 60D  8/10

Color: Black
3-inch LCD screen
18 MP
1.7 pounds
5.7″ x 4.2″ x 3.1″

An exciting upgrade from the Canon Rebel series, this 60D model runs for $949.99 and offers 18 MP for high clarity, contrast, and brightness. With ISO levels reaching up to 12,800…read more

Nikon D5100  8/10

Color: Black
3-inch LCD screen
16.2 MP
1.2 pounds
5″ x 5″ x 7″

An affordable digital SLR camera from Nikon, the D5100 has just enough automatic and manual controls to please the photography enthusiast. A big heavy and bulky at 1.2 pounds…read more

Pentax K-30  7.5/10

Multiple Colors
16 Megapixels
Weather Sealed
3-inch high resolution LCD screen

The K30 from Pentax is another solid choice for someone who doesn’t want a camera from the major players in the industry. This is a mid level camera that should take care of most photographic needs…more


Digital SLR Cameras Buying Guide

Advantages of a Digital SLR over a Point and Shoot

For the serious or professional photographer, a digital SLR camera has a number of distinct advantages over the basic point and shoot digital camera. While they are heavy, expensive, and complex in operation, SLR cameras are growing increasingly popular because manufacturers are striving to make some models more affordable and easy to learn.

If you have an advanced knowledge of photography and camera work, then you should consider upgrading to an SLR for the following reasons:

Higher picture quality

An SLR camera has a greater ISO, which is the degree of sensitivity the sensors have to light when the shutter opens. Its larger sensor captures images with a higher pixel count and the fast ISO reduces the noise, or graininess, in pictures taken in low light.

For instance, if you’re indoors at night and you tried to take a picture at 1600 ISO with a point and shoot camera, the image would be very noisy and hard to distinguish. An SLR handles high ISO levels better to produce crisper, brighter images even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

Interchangeable lenses and other accessories

While a basic digital camera with a good optical zoom gets a clear close-up shot of subjects far away, an SLR has even more adaptable functions. With a variety of different lenses, you can get effective wide-angle shots and super long focal lengths with incredible depth of field. Other accessories you can use include filters and separate flash tools. In almost any situation, you can adjust your SLR to get the optimal picture quality.

Optical viewfinder

A major way that SLR cameras differ from basic digital cameras is that they have an optical viewfinder that helps you arrange the frame and focus before you take the shot. It greatly improves your ability to take perfect pictures because what you see in the viewfinder is pretty close to what you’ll see in the final image.

Fast operation

On the whole, SLR cameras are speedier than point and shoot cameras at setting up shots and taking multiple shots without much shutter lag.

Manual controls

A primary reason professional photographers use SLR cameras is that they give users the most manual control over the set up. Point and shoot cameras are good for beginners because with an auto mode they take care of everything for the user—the focus, lighting, and exposure. SLR cameras presume that the photographer knows how to do everything manually to get the best shot.

Long-term value

Basic digital cameras are updated at least once a year. Because they’re not vastly expensive, that fact may not matter much to the average user. But serious photographers like knowing that the digital SLR they purchase will retain its value for years. It’s a solid investment, and the high-quality lenses they buy will also be worth it because they can attach to other models of the same brand.

Brian Jones has had a passion for photography and anything related for the majority of his life. One photography class in high school was all it took to get hooked on everything to do with the subject. He became more focused on learning about camera… See more about Brian

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