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Best Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Top 10 Rated Stick Vacuum Cleaners 2024


A stick vacuum is ideal for spot cleaning hardwoods, rugs, and thin carpets. You should not expect the performance of a full-size vacuum, however. We chose our top 10 stick vacuums based on the following qualities:

1. Good suction
2. Handles hardwoods and carpets
3. Wheels don’t scratch hardwoods
4. Dirt cups transparent and easy to empty with minimal mess
5. Relatively quiet performance
6. Compact storage
7. Long power cord or long battery life per charge
8. Detachable handheld vacuum a plus
9. Tools like a crevice tool or dusting brush tool
10. Lightweight, compact design

Works as a stick, handheld, and utility
1.25 amps
16-foot power cord
6.1” x 5.8” x 21.9”
1.9 pounds

For homes with rugs, hardwoods, or tile, the Dirt Devil Versa Power stick vacuum picks up an astounding amount of dirt and hair…
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Eureka 96H  9.5/10

Cordless stick and handheld vacuum
6-volt motor
Rechargeable battery
44” x 10” x 5”
4 lbs.

A stick vacuum that doubles as a handheld vac, this Eureka cordless model tackles hardwoods, tiles, and carpets with ease…
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Hoover BH50010  8.5/10

7.2 pounds
11” x 8” x 42”

Vacuuming the house becomes easier when you don’t have to worry about a cord. This cordless, bagless Hoover stick vacuum runs…
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Cordless stick and handheld vacuum
12-volt battery
5.5 lbs.

Ideal for spot vacuuming and cleaning tiles and hardwood floors, the Electrolux EL1062A is a powerful, slender machine with 12 volts of power. We were pleased with how quickly it can clean hard floors…
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Shark SV1106  8.5/10

2 speed options
7 lbs.

As far as features go to a stick vacuum, the SV1106 from Shark focuses on the most important ones. It is quiet, lightweight, bagless, cordless. The 2 different speed settings…read more

9.6-volt stick and handheld vacuum
Energy Star
Takes 15 to 20 hours to recharge
5” x 10.8” x 43”
5.5 lbs.

A cordless stick vacuum from Electrolux, the ErgoRapido converts into a handheld vacuum for cleaning upholstery and stairs…
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Eureka 166DX  7.5/10

15-foot power cord
4.4 pounds
2 amps
5.5” x 9” x 27”

An inexpensive vacuum cleaner at just $24.96, this lightweight Eureka model is ideal for small homes or apartments. The cord is short at just 15 feet, and the vacuum head is narrow, but the suction is still more than adequate…
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Bissell 3106B  7.5/10

1.2-amp stick and handheld vacuum
1-year warranty
16-foot power cord
5.8” x 5” x 29.2”
5 lbs.

For a lightweight stick vacuum, the Bissell 3106B handles hardwoods and small carpet areas quite well, sucking up dirt…
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Stick Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

The Pros and Cons of Stick Vacuums

If you have a small home or apartment, then a stick vacuum is a viable alternative to the full-size vacuum cleaners that take up more space and cost much more. Stick vacuums are ideal for spot cleaning floors. Don’t buy one expecting it to handle thick carpets or to vacuum an entire house in one go. They’re built for cleaning small spaces.

The Good

  • Ideal for sucking up hair, dust, crumbs, and dry messes on hardwoods and rugs.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact, typically weighing less than 10 pounds.
  • Many models come with removable handles to convert them into handheld vacs.
  • Include many of the tools found on full-size vacuums, like crevice tools and brush rolls.
  • Quieter than full-size vacuums.
  • Available for low prices.

The Bad

  • Not built for vacuuming rooms of wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Don’t handle thick carpets very well.
  • Dust cups have smaller capacities, requiring frequent emptying.

Ultimately, stick vacuums are convenient tools for cleaning the top surface of floors. If your home has mostly hardwoods or tile, a stick vacuum is especially useful.

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