Toro 51978

25.4cc Gas String Trimmer 8.8/10


Toro 51978 Weed Eater
For those who swear by the incredible power and durability of gas trimmers, the Toro 51978 definitely won’t disappoint. This model, with its 2-cycle 25.4cc engine, makes mincemeat of weeds and brush in short order. Additionally, the straight shaft allows users to reach around obstacles like porches and fences. We saw no issues with the 0.095″ dual line, which seems to be made to deal with abuse and not wear out quickly. If there are any issues with this model, it’s that at 12.5 pounds, it’s heavier than some other models and wears out your arm over long periods of use. Also, the debris guard is on the flimsier side and doesn’t keep debris from shooting all over the place, so be prepared with heavy-duty clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Quick Specs

  • $179
  • Straight shaft
  • 2 cycles
  • 25.4cc
  • 12.5 pounds

Accepts Ryobi Expand-It and universal gas attachments

The straight shaft provides extended reach, including around obstacles

Durable 0.095″ dual line in bump feed head

Starts within a couple pulls and accelerates quickly

Power outperforms most battery-operated models


Flying debris makes for a mess on your clothes; debris guard not very sturdy

Not designed for lefties

Heavier than some more expensive models, adding to fatigue


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