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Gran Turismo 5

PS3 Exclusives  8/10


Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Exclusive Title Cover
No PS3 exclusive list would be complete without hands down one of the best racing games in video game HISTORY! The first game in the epic racing series to feature online races with up to 16 players. You will find well over 1,000 cars, race in over 25+ different locations, on over 70+ unique tracks. Talk about options. Other cool features included in Gran Turismo 5 is the fun night racing feature, which lets you race at night, changing how you decide to play. Weather effects, damage models, go-karting, all sorts of cool features are included in this game that it a really well balanced and rich featured game. Pick it up today, you honestly don’t want to miss this in your PS3 library.


Features Galore, So Many Features packed in this title

Online racing for the series is a great step forward

Were happy to see night racing again

The mechanics and technology in the game are incredible


Very arcade-ish feeling still