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Best Budget Tablet

Top 10 Rated Budget Tablets 2024


Some people just dont understand the Tablet craze, and can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on something they might not use. Or maybe your a college student, or just don’t have much to spend on tech gizmos in general.

Luckily you can still experience a tablet for under $100. Here is our top 10 list of tablets under $100 for those on a budget.

Tursion 7” Capacitive A10  9/10

4GB and 8GB version – $85
Front Facing Camera
Expandable up to 32GB via microSD
Great budget tablet

If you are wanting to save money, take advantage of the tablet price drops. This guy used to be $199 but dropped to just $85 recently. For those on a budget this is a gret tablet. Wifi support, 7” screen with front facing camera and mic. Android 4.0 is packed on this puppy, and its exandable up to 32GB via a microSD slot. Though the screen is only 800x480pixels its still a decent picture for its price. This is definetely a budget tablet that performs basic Android operations at a decent speed.


Archos 7f G3 7″  8.8/10

4GB Hard Drive
Android 4.0 ICS
7” screen
Very sleek design

This budget Tablet actually runs Android 4.0 ICS – on its sleek 7” display. With 4GB of flash internal memory, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, and a 1.0Ghz processor, its a great budget tablet. All this on a very sexy looking frame. Probably one of the best looking design wise tablets in the budget range. At a simple $99 it’s a great choice!


eLocity A7-004 7″  8.5/10

1024×600 Resolution
7” Screen
Android 2.2
Powerful Tegra 2-T250 CPU

A 7” tablet with a 1024×600 resolution screen – probably the most crisp in the budget department quality wise. 4GB of internal memory, an Nvidia Tegra 2-T250 CPU, and Android 2.2 – this is a pretty sleek tablet. This is one of the most powerful CPU’s you will find in a budget tablet. Making this a power house tablet for those who want raw power.


Coby Kyros 7″  8/10

4GB Memory
microSD slot up to 32GB
7′ screen
Android 4.0

The Kryos is a 7” tablet running Android 4 ICS – with a 800×480 screen, 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM it’s a decent tablet. It’s pretty light also and nice to hold and grip. The screen also responds very well to touch, which is hard to find in tablets in this price range. A decent, sturdy tablet good for anyone on a budget.


Pandigital SuperNovo Capacitive  8/10

Android 2.3
8” Screen
Dedicated GPU
800×600 resolution

For a budget tablet this one is great! Android 2.3, a nice 8” screen at 800×600 pixels, along with a dedicated GPU making this a more “higher end” budget tablet. Weird right? The best value tablet as well in our opinion. Think of it as the best of the budgets!


iRulu 7″ Cortex A10  8/10

4GB – $82
Expandable up to 32GB via microSD
Android 4.0 OS
Great for high-school student/College low on cash
Basic Android performance/features

Another budget Tablet running Android 4.0 with support for OpenGL 2.0 3D graphics makes for good gaming. A 800×480 resolution is decent but no the best. Youll find built in 4GB of memory, which is small, but expandable to 32GB. This tablet isn’t anything special by a long shot, but at half the price and some of the big hitters, its great for a high-school student with a part time job who wants to get a piece of the new tablet craze.


Velocity Micro Cruz T408  7.6/10

8” Screen
800×600 resolution
Amazon App Marketplace

The Micro Cruz is actually a pretty popular tablet. Though it is $150 ish new, if you can snag a refurbished one for around $120 we think it’s worth the extra $20 over $100. A gorgeous 8” screen, flash enabled, and Quick Office Full Version – this is a business grade tablet that works great. Connection with the Amazon App marketplace means a plethora of apps. Great business grade budget tablet.


PanDigital 9″  7/10

2GB Memory
9” Screen
Android Marketplace
Android 2.0
Great for eBook fans

This 9” tablet features Android 2.0 – but dont let that fool you. You get full acess to the Android Marketplace and that means a huge selection of Android Apps. Reading books and streaming movies looks great on here. With 2GB of storage and WiFi, it’s a great tablet for eBook enthusiasts.


PanDigital 72-70FW  7/10

1GB Hard Drive
Expandable up to 32GB
600×800 Rez
No Android Marketplace

The PanDigital is a 7” tablet with a 600×800 resolution. It only features a 1GB hard drive but has SD expansion up to 32GB. Wifi is included, headphone jack, mini USB, and a decent battery. This doesnt connect to the Android market, but it does have its own version with some decent apps. A good, cheap, inexpensive tablet.


Allwinner A10 7″  7/10

7” Screen
800×480 resolution
Adroid 4.0 ICS

A pretty basic tablet with a 7” screen and 800×480 resolution. Android 4.0 ICS is on this which is nice for budget tablets. Wifi integration and HDMI-out to plug it up to a HDMI enabled TV. 4GB of internal memory upgradable via micro SD – this is a great simple tablet for budget users.


Jon Bannister Jon Bannister has always had an interest in the latest technology and gadgetry. A graduate of the Georgia Tech computer science program, Jon has a very technical and working knowledge on how computers interact with and improve… See more about Jon

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