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What is Playstation Move?


Overview of Sony’s Playstation Move – Wii and Xbox Kinects Challenger

The Wii set new standards for motion activated gaming using its highly technical Wii-Mote to allow players to play games physically. Shortly after Xbox 360 launched its Xbox Kinect to compete. Then Sony released its version, the Playstation Move.

PS3 Move Controllers

The Playstation Move 2 controllers in a charging dock

The Playstation move controller uses Bluetooth 2.0 wireless communication with an internal ion battery (which you can charge on the consoles usb port) – Up to 4 controllers can be used at once to allow your friends and family to participate in the fun. Unique in looks too, the top of the motion controller features a orb head that glows a full range of colors based on what’s happening in game.

The unique technology allows your motion controller to communicate with the Playstation Eye camera, to track every move you make and replicate them in game. Hard buttons are included on the Move controller to help you navigate in-game menus. The controller also features vibration feedback to compliments the glowing orb as well. As mentioned before the orb will turn different colors based on the game. If your firing a gun, it will replicated a muzzle flash. If your painting it will replicate the color of the paint.

Playstation Move vs Wii Numchucks

Playstation move controllers on the left, vs Wii ones on the right

The Navigation controller is used supplementary with the Move motion controller to help you navigate. The navigation controller features a single analog stick, a d-pad, L1 and L2 analog triggers, and an X and O button. The Move also includes numerous add-ons such as a charging station and shooting attachment.

Play Playstation Move specific games such as Sorcery, Ninja Gaiden 3, Sports Champions, Just Dance, Eyepet, and Playstation Move Heroes. As well as the numerous games with compatibility such as Little Big Planet Karting, Dance Dance Revolution, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013, Killzone 3, and many more.

Priced very well at just $79.99 – you can get a bundle with everything you need to get started with the Playstation Move. 1 Playstation Move Wireless Controller, Playstation Eye Camera, and a couple games to use it with. With a big library of games that utilize the Move as its primary controller, and many other supporting games that can use the Playstation Move with it.

Best PS3 Exclusive Titles

top 10 ps3 exclusives

Our top ten favorite Playstation 3 exclusive titles that have launched on its 6 year run. From FPS’s, to RPG’s, it saw a lot of great titles that you should know about. Especially if you own one. We didn’t really have criteria to base the decisions on other than them being exclusive to the Playstation 3 and great games. Oh, and that it isn’t Call of Duty! Enjoy!… [more]

Should I buy a Playstation 3?

Should I buy a PS3

Sony is noted for the long life of their consoles, squeezing out every last drop it can until it releases a new console. We saw the Playstation 2 last 6 strong years, with games STILL coming out after that. With talk about the Playstation 4 and next Xbox coming sometime soon, would it be wise to get a Playstation 3 now? Or just wait for the Playstation 4?… [more]

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