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Best Protein Powder

Top 10 Rated Protein Powder Supplements 2024


Protein Powder is a great supplement for someone looking to put on mass or even just get a good extra amount of protein in an easy to drink form. They’re tons of different protein powders on the market and we picked our favorite brands for you.

We based our list on:

1) Quality of the blend
2) Companies Reputation
3) Banned Substance Free Protein Blends
4) Taste
5) Blend-ability
6) After-Taste
7) Effectiveness
8) Type of protein blend
9) Cost
10) Servings

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey  10/10

$52 for 5.15lb tub – Price/Serving A+
23G of protein per serving
Blend: Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, Whey Peptide
ON is a respected/safe brand in industry

Probably one of our favorites, ON is a great brand in the supplement industry who always cranks out quality/safe products. The 5.15lb tub runs $52 which is a great deal for serving/price ration. This Whey Isolate protein powder is a blend of Whey Isolate, Whey Concentrate, and Whey Peptide. With 23g of protein per serving.


BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder  8.5/10

Blend of 6 fast,medium,slow digesting proteins
No soy
5G of fiber per serving
5.04lbs for $45
22G of protein per serving

Syntha-6 protein is a great blend of proteins which you can take any time for great results. Before bed due to it’s blend of slow digesting proteins. The addition of 5G of fiber per serving is great – and at $45 for 5lbs its also a great deal.


MusclePharm Combat Powder  9.5/10

4lbs for $39
5 Different protein blends
Fast, Slow, medium digesting proteins
Great blend
1-Stop-All Protein Powder

MusclePharm has been putting out great supplements and Combat Powder is another one. With a great price and a even better blend of proteins – this powder is great for any occasion. You’ll find a blend of standard why isolate, hydrolyzed whey, micellar casein, whey concentrate, egg albumen, and more. A truly great product and one of our favorites!


Dymatize Elite Whey  8.5/10

5lb $49
Great Flavors
Mixes Great
Good ratio blend-ability

Great for people watching carb intake (on diets) – this protein tastes great, has great value, mixes great, and features a good blend of quality ingredients. You can’t go wrong!


Myotech Probiotic Protein  8/10

Perfect between meals and pre/post workout
Mixes easily/good
6 protein blend-ability
Gluten/Aspartame free
24G of protein per serving
Tastes alright

A decent protein powder that is gluten/aspartame free – it tastes alright and mixes pretty darn good. It’s about $49 for 5lb which is a good deal – not a bad supplement that is easy to find. Myotech makes some good products, this is one!


Trutein Protein  9/10

5lbs $56
25G of protein per serving
2.5g of fiber
Omega-3 included
No sugar/Sodium

This is a great product that people overlook because it doesn’t have a flashy label like others or huge marketing. Trutein has a great balanced blend of Whey, Micellar Casein, and Egg white proteins – making it a great any time protein drink filled with protein and even Omega-3’s


Monster Milk  8.8/10

50G of protein!
310 Calories
5G Fiber
3G Creatine

Monster Milk is more of a weight gainer – with it’s huge serving of 50G of protein and 310 calories. You also get some creatine, BCAAs, L-Glutamine, and more. We cant lie, this tastes great – but only use this if you really need it.


Nitro-Tech Protein  8.5/10

30g protein per serving
1-2g carbs
3g creatine

Just a good solid protein powder (30g per serving) that has creatine in it also. Kill two birds with one stone – a 4lb tub is a bit pricey at $59 – but your paying for that creatine monohydrate (which is CREAPURE)


Muscle Milk Protein  8.0/10

32g Protein per serving
Fast/Slow Digesting Proteins
Lactose Free formula

Muscle Milk is very popular – you see the drinks at every gas station. The actual powder is good stuff too. Lactose free formula is great for people who normally get upset stomachs over protein. Just under $50 for 4lbs is a decent price for a lot of protein per serving.


Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex  8/10

60g of protein
Big blend of protein
Thick taste
For ultimate mass

ON again is one of the best supplement CO’s on the market. This is more like a mass gainer with a whopping 60g of protein per serving – protein blend includes 8 different sources for fast and slow digesting proteins.


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