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Best Toys for Kids Age 8, 9, 10, 11

Top 10 Rated Toys for Kids Age 8, 9, 10, 11 2024

As children advance from the 3rd grade to preparing for middle school, they learn even more complex subjects in school: history, science, social studies, health, etc. We looked for educational toys that not only enhanced the skills kids possess from ages 8 to 12, but made learning and discovering new things fun and entertaining.

Our top 10 toys involve:

1. Fun for the whole family
2. Creativity, imagination, and working out puzzles
3. Social interaction
4. Strategy, logic, and problem solving
5. An advanced appreciation for science, engineering, and creating models
6. Games that encourage competition and teamwork

Includes 108 wooden tiles, drawstring bag, and instructions
2 to 4 players – Ages 6+
10.5” x 10.4” x 2.6”
2 pounds

In a clever twist on the game Uno, players attempt to build lines of blocks featuring the same color or shape. The grid of tiles that develops resembles … more

40x, 100x, and 400x magnifications
6 hole disk diaphragm
Battery operated
Ages 9 and up

Leaps and bounds ahead of cheap, plastic microscopes, this sturdy, heavy-duty microscope is very reasonably priced at $65.60. A scientific instrument like the ones… more

Includes a hands-on kit and 32-page illustrated book
Ages 8 to 12
10” x 3” x 13.5”
1.6 pounds

An human anatomy book and model set for kids ages 8 to 12, this Squishy You kit includes a 12-inch plastic human model with 9 removable squishy organs. Kids … more

Includes over 60 snap-together pieces and illustrated manual
Ages 8 and up
Requires 4 AA batteries
2.3” x 13.6” x 19.3” – 2.9 pounds

For the inquisitive child who loves engrossing, hands-on projects, the Snap Circuits SC-300 kit will provide hours of delightful electronic fun. This set includes over 300 … more

12” geopolitical globe includes 10,000 questions suitable for 3rd grade and up
Ages 8 and up
Requires 4 C batteries of an AC adapter (not included)
14.1” x 14.1” x 18.9” – 5.8 pounds

Not only does this globe serve its obvious purpose as a model of the modern world, but it also includes over 10,000 quiz questions suitable for kids ages 8 and up. A clear … more

Includes 9 dice with symbols and pictures on the sides
Ages 8 to 12
1 player or more
3.2” x 1.1” x 4.2”
5 ounces

The charm and excitement of Rory’s Story Cubes lie in its simplicity. Players roll the 9 dice and come up with a story based on the pictures showing. Your family can create … more

Mad Gab  8.5/10

Includes 300 cards, a timer, and a score pad
Ages 10 and up
For 2 to 12 players
6” x 6” x 6”
1.5 pounds

An entertaining game for adults, Mad Gab is suitable for kids at least 10 years old. Warning: Playing the game can prompt uproarious laughter and silliness. Each card features a word … more

Includes over 1,000 cards
Ages 12 and up
For 4 or more players
10.2” x 3.2” x 10.2”
3.5 pounds

A big hit in recent years, Apples to Apples is a fun game you can enjoy with the family or at parties. The rules are relatively simple, but provide a lot of creativity and … more

Educational Toys Buying Guide

Playing Board Games with the Family: The Advantages for Kids

Having a game night is not only a fun, inexpensive way for the family to spend time together, it’s also an opportunity for children to learn important skills. Children young and old benefit from the time you spend together playing cards or board games, much more so than from plugging in to electronic devices or watching TV.

Consider what children learn from these interactive experiences:

  • A healthy sense of competition and the importance of teamwork
  • Recognizing different shapes, numbers, and words
  • Grouping, counting, and sorting items
  • Social skills, such as waiting for other players to take their turns
  • Fine motor skills, such as handling cards and game pieces
  • Problem solving, strategy, and logic
  • A chance to improve and excel
  • Winning and losing gracefully

Games don’t even have to be specifically educational. Classic games like Jenga foster concentration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills as players try to extract the pieces of a tower without knocking it over.

Card games require kids to think ahead about their plays, so they learn strategy. With only so many cards in a traditional deck, they also learn about the laws of probability, an advanced concept for children.

Monopoly is a classic board game, but one that takes a long time to play—something difficult for young kids and parents alike. Monopoly Junior uses smaller denominations and takes less time to play, making it more accessible to young kids as they learn the basics of adding, reading, and color recognition.

Many board games have different levels of difficulty, or you can adapt the rules yourself to accommodate younger players. You’ll love seeing brothers and sisters getting along, helping the youngest members with the complicated aspects of the game. For the entertainment it provides the whole family and the benefits to your kids’ cognitive development, consider adding game night to your weekly routine.

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