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Best Golf Clubs

Top 10 Golf Clubs 2024


Following are some of the factors that we felt are most important in evaluating the top 10 golf club iron selections. Clubs were tested at a testing facility and loosely measured for the below quality points:

1. Comfort at Setup (Instilling Confidence)
2. Solid Feel at Impact
3. Workable Ball Flight
4. Consistency of Distance
5. Pure Distance
6. Shaft Quality and Consistency, Standard included shaft
7. Ability to Spin the Ball
8. Spin Control
9. Grip Feel and Quality

3-PW set
4-Gap Wedge
8-18 Handicappers Recommended (forged version)
Steel Shafts

Feel, distance and control are all present in this new club from Mizuno. The irons are on the heavy side and the weight distribution is low toward the sole which gets the ball up quickly.
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Steel Shaft AWT 2.0 Ascending Weight Technology
4-PW standard
$999 for I series
$799 for G series

The G series Ping is very forgiving and has an average of .66 bounce width. This provides stability, forgiveness and distance. The G series has a slightly larger,
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3-PW set
Plasma welded 431 Stainless Steel back bar & 1025 forged carbon steel face
Grip, Golf Pride Tour Velvet
KBS Tour shafts

The new RSi irons from TaylorMade look amazing and feature vertical face slots on the longer irons that visually help you line up shots quickly and accurately. The feel of the forged carbon-steel face…
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4-PW, Game improvement irons
Two-piece construction delivers lower CG, more MOI & promotes feel.
Stock Callaway shafts in Regular or Stiff flex.

The XR iron is designed for mid to higher handicap players, but only because better players don’t like to look at much offset at address. That being said, these irons are light in the head, are solid sounding at impact…Read More

3-PW set; Machine milled geometry balances the CG for max ball speed, straight leading edges, minimal offset, narrow sole, one-piece forged 1025 steel construction, True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts, Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips

The NIKE Vapor Pro irons may be the most playable irons we tested this year. Nike has come a long way in iron design and development in the last two years, and the Vapor Pro irons may be their greatest achievement…Read More

Callaway XR Pro  9.6/10

5-PW set is $675.99, Cup 360, spring-like face promotes insane ball speed, two-piece construction includes a thinner sole & narrow sole. For better players

The Callaway XR Pro is for better players who want maximum distance with incredible control. The two-piece clubhead design accomplishes this feat, giving this iron the ability to be shaped, along with an incredible…Read More

4-PW set, GW available, thinnest forged face ever, Ultra CNC Pocket Cavity, Grain Flow Forged 1025 Boron, stock True Temper shafts, Mizuno Golf Pride M-31 0.058” round grips.

Mizuno has made some subtle, but sexy changes to their players iron but switching from carbon steel to boron-infused steel, a material that is lighter and about 30% stronger than carbon steel to create a powerful…Read More

4-PW set, Nippon NS Pro 1050 GH steel shafts, great for golfers with swing speeds from 85-105
Designed for better amateur players that like to work the ball.
Comes in Regular or Stiff shafts.

The Cleveland CG (Center of Gravity) Black CB irons are a great combination of additional ball speed off the face, coupled with vibration dampening in the club head in an iron that would appeal…Read More

4-PW set
Stock True Temper Dynamic Golf DP Pro shafts
Swing weight D2-D3.

The J15 DF greatest strength may be its ability to produce high, consistent ball flights and great direction on shots hit all over the face. Our test produced excellent forgiveness and good distance control for…Read More

PING G30 Irons   9.4/10

4-PW set, (PW is 45 degrees) game Improvement irons
17-4 stainless steel heads, elastomer cavity badge and Custom Tuning Port (CTP) insert, CFS Distance shafts.

Stronger, progressive lofts of the new G30 irons and the bounce profiles of these clubs prevent digging into the turf, which make them a welcomed addition to the 2015 line-up. The G30’s performance was very good…Read More

3-PW set, Tungsten inserts in heel and toe position the CG directly behind impact zone, aluminum backplate encased in Thermoplastic Rubber, stock KBS Tour shaft, stock Lamkin 3GEN Crossline grip, swing weights D3 (3-9), D4 (PW).

These new irons from Cobra feature forged carbon steel, and undercuts on the 3 through 7 irons that allow it to flex more off the face. They felt heavier at the head than most we tested, but the playability…Read More

3-PW set runs about $999.00, Launch: mid-high, stock True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts, Lamkin UTx Full Cord Red grips, Double laser milling on face, produces two different patterns for better spin.

The new Z 545 satin-finish irons from Srixon would be best suited to mid-handicappers, and their look is super, even if its performance doesn’t quite match it’s style. The distance control was good, and distance…Read More

As an avid golfer and tennis player for most of his life, he enjoys researching the latest in golf and tennis technology as well as analyzing his own game. He has been a writer and reviewer for a dozen years and his work has appeared in numerous publications including CBS, the San Fransisco Chronicle… See more about S. Dee Davis

Beginners Golf Club

Tommy Armour Silver Spot – Beginners Golf Club

Storing and Serving Red and White Wines

This is a great set for the beginner made by a venerable and well-respected club manufacturer so you can feel comfortable about your clubs no matter who you are playing with. They will never know the clubs cost so little with the Tommy Armour name on them. The set comes with 4 metal … [more]

How to Choose the Right Golf Club

Guide to finding the right golf club

How To Choose The Right Golf Club

Confidence, feel, contact, consistency, spin control – our iron game can pretty much be summed up by those words. If we make good contact, distance takes care of itself as high quality steel on cast urethane produces the crushing blow that launches the ball. The heavy blade makes a punishing … [more]

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Top 10 Golf Wedges

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