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Best Side by Side Refrigerators

Top 10 Side by Side Refrigerator 2024


Following are our choices for the best side by side refrigerators in the market for this year. We made the decisions based on several qualitative factors such as:

Shelf Space and Interior Shelf Design
Reliability and Build Quality
Energy Efficiency
Accessories and Features quality

Storage: 26.4 Cu. Ft.
Freezer: 9.9 cu. Ft
Fridge: 16.4 cu. Ft
Dimensions: 33”D X 69.31”H X 35.5”W

This fridge from Kitchen Aid gives you a nice designer touch, good cu. Ft capacity and some nice amenities – all for a reasonable price….
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Stainless steel
22 cu. ft. capacity
65.875” H x 32.75” W x 35” D

A 22 cubic foot side-by-side refrigerator, the Maytag MSF22D4XAM has an attractive price and offers great shelf space and energy savings. A big plus is the external water…read more

Storage 30 Cu. Ft.
Price $2300

Obviously one of the reasons this unit makes our list is the massive 30 cu. ft. storage. That’s something you must want to buy this fridge for since you…
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Storage Capacity: 26 Cu. Ft.
Price $1599

Though we’re not as fond of the looks of this fridge as some others due to the high handles on the doors the stainless steel is nevertheless attractive. Pricewise…
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LG LSC27925ST   7.5/10

Storage: 26.5 cu. Ft
Price: $1290

This stainless steel entry from LG is Energy Star Rated has contoured doors and hidden hinges. We especially like the looks of the tall slim external water and…
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Storage total: 21.7 Cu. Ft
Storage Freezer Portion: 7.3 cu. Ft
Storage Fridge: 14.4
Price: $999
Dimensions: 65.88”H X 33.75”D X 32.75” W

This clean white fridge from Whirlpool has adjustable gallon door bins so you can choose your own configuration. It also has an ADS system…
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Modern European look inside and out
Price for design value
Very quiet operation

This is an attractive side by side fridge with very unique interior design layout. Some will love it, some will not. The drawers and shelving …
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Capacity: 22.6 cu. ft.
Width: 36″
Height: 69 3/8″
Depth: 29 1/2″
Configuration: Side by Side

This fridge is counter-depth and has the side by side design. It’s not as updated looking as the bottom freezer drawer design but that fact will save you some money. It still contains almost 23 cu. Ft of capacity. It’s a good solid all-purpose fridge with water…read more

John E. Moore John E. Moore has been reviewing kitchen goods and refrigerators for 8 years as the leader of Cooks Warehouse sells more than 400 kitchen items and accessories. John is also a self-described computer tech geek…. See more about John

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