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Best Electric Ranges

Top 10 Rated Electric Ranges 2024


As we came up with a top 10 list of electric ranges, we considered several factors:

1. Number and size of coil/radiant elements
2. Oven capacity and baking functions
3. Appearance and style
4. Ease of use and cleaning
5. Cooking power of stovetop
6. Convenient features like delay start, storage compartment, and accessories

The best electric ranges include burners with a varying range of BTUs for different cooking styles, adequate oven capacities for holding multiple dishes, and multiple rack positions. Convection ovens are also in high demand, although they generally raise the price. See the electric range comparison and ratings below with a link to the full review of each.

Color: Stainless Steel
Ceramic smoothtop surface
5 heating elements
5.7 cu. ft. oven capacity
29 7/8″ x 26 27/32″ x 47 1/2″

Open the oven door to this Electrolux electric range and find a glowing blue interior, which adds a stylishly colorful touch to this top-performing model. The smoothtop is simple to clean with a special formula … read more

Bosch HES30  9/10

Colors: Black, White, Stainless Steel
Smoothtop surface
4 radiant elements
5.4 cu. ft. oven capacity
29 7/8″ x 25 3/4″ x 47 3/4″

A clean, crisp design and a gleaming smoothtop make this Bosch electric range an attractive piece in the kitchen and easy to clean with a hidden heating element. The radiant … read more

Color: Black, Stainless Steel
Smooth cook surface
4 radiant elements
4.8 cu. ft. oven capacity
29.78″ W x 25.34″ D x 47.34″ H

This Frigidaire electric range is very well rounded as it has all the baking functions you’ll want or need with a very reasonable price tag… read more

LG LRE30453  9/10

Colors: Black, White, Stainless Steel
Ceramic smoothtop surface
5 radiant elements
5.6 cu. ft. capacity
29 7/8″ x 28″ x 47 5/8″

The blue interior of this LG electric range adds a refreshing touch to this overall stylistically pleasing model. The oven capacity is amazing with 5.6 cu. ft., able to hold almost anything … read more

Color: Stainless Steel
Ceramic smoothtop surface
4 heating elements
4.6 cu. ft. oven capacity
29 15/16″ x 25 5/8″ x 47 1/2″

An attractive smoothtop electric range from Bosch touts its genuine European convection oven, which seals in flavor and moisture and evenly crisps the outside of foods. The model has … read more

Colors: Black, White, Stainless Steel
4 coil elements
4.5 cu. ft. oven capacity
30 3/4″ x 28 3/4″ x 28 1/2″

This drop-in electric range from Whirlpool seems appealingly wide and has a frameless door that provides full access to the oven. The black cooktop requires regular … read more

GE JMP31  8/10

Colors: Black, White, Bisque
4 coil elements
3 cu. ft. oven capacity
27 1/8″ x 24 3/16″ x 28 7/16″

A drop-in electric range from GE, this model has adequate oven capacity at 3 cu. ft. and 4 coil elements that provide even and consistent heat. The oven’s dual heating elements, one broiling and … read more

Colors: White, Black, Bisque with black trim
Porcelain surface
4 coil elements
2.4 cu. ft. oven capacity
20 1/4″ x 24 1/2″ x 40″

For a compact freestanding electric range for that small apartment or condo, this Premier model saves space and delivers satisfying and consistent heating performance. The recessed cooktop … read more

Color: Stainless Steel
Black porcelain surface
4 coil elements
2.5 cu. ft. oven capacity
20″ x 24″ x 44″

For $753, you can get a sleek, shiny compact electric range from Summit. Its heating, baking, and broiling functions are quite satisfactory, and the four coil elements lift up for cleaning … read more

Color: Black, White
Porcelain surface
4 coil elements
4.2 cu. ft. oven capacity
30″ x 28 5/16″ x 26 5/8″

For your basic, well-performing electric range, you can’t go wrong with this Frigidaire model for $764. The digital controls and dials are arranged neatly along the front for … read more


Electric Ranges Buying Guide

Best Features to Look For in a Gas or Electric Range

Some of the most expensive range models highlight their many special features and design qualities. It’s your job to know which features are truly useful or necessary in your kitchen and which are extraneous. Getting the most out of your range is a simple matter of determining which features are worth the extra cost. Here’s a guide to some of the range factors you should consider while doing your shopping.

Convection oven

Many top models, both gas and electric, offer convection heating in their ovens. If you like the way convection ovens seal in flavor and give food a crispy texture, you’ll appreciate this feature. Additionally, it cuts down on baking time—always a handy benefit.

Digital display

Found on all but the most basic ranges, a digital display shows the cook time, temperature, and other helpful information. This display isn’t imperative, but it’s a convenience many people find worth the price.

Dual ovens

If you frequently bake several dishes at once, you should look into a range with two ovens. One is typically larger than the other, but you can rearrange the racks in either oven to maximize your baking space and prepare two or more food items simultaneously.

Burner heat

A range should have at least one burner or element with a minimum of 15,000 BTUs. At this high heat, you can boil, sear, and fry foods efficiently and quickly, even in large quantities.

Hot surface indicator light

If you have a smooth cooktop surface, it’s especially important to have a hot surface indicator lest you unwittingly burn your hand.

Control lockout

Some electric models have a button that disables the console after you’ve set the controls. If the control panel is located at the front of the range instead of the back, you should spring for this option. If you have children with wandering fingers, a control lock is especially useful and safe.

Simmer burner

For sauces that require delicate heating, you may be happiest with a low-power burner specially designed for simmering. However, most ranges can handle simmering well without the low-power feature.

Recessed cooktop

Cleaning up spills is much easier with a lip around the cooktop to prevent drips.

Multiple rack positions

Four or five rack positions are the most ideal for fitting a variety of pans, from narrow to large, into the oven. Whatever your oven capacity, you want to maximize the space to make baking more efficient.

Delay start

This is a feature that is convenient only to an extent. It’s never advisable to leave an oven on unattended, and you want to leave food sitting cold in the oven for only a short period of time.

Coils vs. smoothtops

With an electric range, you’ll find either coils or a smoothtop. Coils are more durable but take extra scrubbing to clean; they’re found almost exclusively on the least expensive models. A smoothtop is relatively easy to clean with a specially designed detergent; however, it’s more susceptible to cracks and other damage should a heavy pot fall on it. Smoothtops on many top models have expanding elements to heat up either small or large pans.

Warming drawer

Some models offer a warming drawer to keep dishes from cooling or drying out. It’s a useful feature when you’re cooking a lot of dishes for a party or a big Thanksgiving meal.

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