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Best Earbuds

Top 10 Rated Earbuds 2024


We are constantly on the go in the world of today. It could be on the way to school, work, or some exotic location on the other side of the planet. No matter what the situation, we are going to have our music. Earbuds are a great way to keep your load down while continuing to enjoy your favorite music or videos on the go. We rated 10 pairs of earbuds based on the following criteria:

1. Sound quality
2. Comfort for various spans of time
3. Price vs value
4. Durablity of cords and speaker units
5. Included ear fittings, cases, or mic

Bose IE2  9/10

Carrying pouch and 3 ear fittings included
StayHear silicon tips increase comfort
Triport acoustic structure enhances sound

Bose IE2 ReviewWe all know what it means when we talk about a pair of bose headphones. Great sound. These are no exception. Bose took it a step further with their StayHear silicone tips…read more

Sony XBA-1  9/10

Carrying pouch included
5 ear fittings and 3 noise isolating fittings
5 – 25,000 Hz frequency response
108dB, 24 ohms
13.5mm driver units

Sony XBA-1 EarbudsThese are going to be some of the best earbuds out there in the under $100 category. Sony has created an ultra-compact earbud that is feature-packed. The drivers are the highlight of these earbuds…read more

No mic
3 ear fittings included
20Hz-20kHz frequency response
96dB, 16 ohms
9mm driver unit

Don’t let cheap make you steer clear of these earbuds. Yes, they are incredibly cheap at less than 10 dollars, but they get the job done. Just don’t expect too much out of them…read more

Shure SE535  8.5/10

Carrying case included
3 sound isolating ear fittings included
18Hz – 19kHz frequency response
119dB, 36 ohms

Shure SE535 EarbudsThe SE535 earbuds are the best of the best when it comes to sound quality in a small package. With a price tag of $499.99 there are plenty of things to be happy about. Kevlar reinforced cable…read more

Eco friendly earbud option
Compatible with many smartphones
Cotton pouch with 4 ear fittings
20 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response
99 +/-3 dB, 16 ohms
8mm driver unit

Many of our consumer products are becoming more and more eco friendly. Don’t let your earbuds be the exception. These earbuds have a rear wooden housing that not only reduces plastic…read more

5 bright colors available
20 – 22,000 Hz frequency response
110dB, 16 ohms

Sennheiser has made a great name for itself when it comes to headphone quality. These mid-range earbuds are no different. Sound quality and noise cancellation…read more

VSonic GR07  8/10

Soft and Hard case included
16 ear fittings included
Ear guides ensure a comfortable fit
No mic or controls

This pair of earbuds from Vsonic is definitely a worthy investment. If you are serious about sound quality in portable headphones, this might be the pair…read more

RHA MA-350  8/10

Fabric braided cable reduces tangles
Carrying pouch and 3 ear fittings included
16-22,000Hz frequency response
103 dB, 16 ohms
10mm driver unit

These award winning earbuds from RHA have a full aluminum construction and 10mm drivers along with superior noise isolation to create fantastic and rich sound. Their design is very simple…raed more

Earbuds Buying Guide

Understanding Sound Quality When Buying Earbuds

Earbuds are the ultimate in headphones convenience for travel. They take up virtually no space, are usually light as a feather, are low profile, and can be pretty comfortable. Sound quality ranges from good to bad in earbuds more than any other type of headphone because of the space available to work with. Most of the time sound is not going to be issue. The trade off for convenience is sometimes more valuable anyway. Prices also vary in a big way. You can find a pair of earbuds for five dollars or you can spend hundreds. Options are always a good thing to have when shopping for a new pair of earbuds.

Whether you’re a casual music listener or a sound equipment aficionado, it’s worthwhile to know the finer points of sound quality in order to understand what manufacturers are talking about when they claim their headphones are the best.

Sound perception is different for everybody. The best way to select new headphones is to try them out. How else are you going to know what they are like? Since everyone has different shaped heads and ear canals, they’ll perceive sound differently. This is especially important since earbuds pipe music directly into the ears. Hence, it’s important to try on different headphones not only to see which ones are comfortable to wear, but to get an idea of the range of sound.

Consider the following questions:

  • Are the earbuds small enough and light enough for what you plan on using them for?

  • Does the sound come out clear with no distortions or muddiness?
  • Is the bass clear, powerful, and controlled?
  • You don’t want a bass so strong that it overpowers the vocals and lighter sounds.
  • Are the high sounds tinny or smooth?

Understanding Other Sound Terms

Frequency: Earbuds capture the complete range of sounds that humans can hear, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The question is how well they reproduce those frequencies. Any low frequencies below 20 Hz aren’t audible, but you can sometimes feel them.

Sensitivity: Headphones measure their loudness efficiency in terms of decibels per milliwatt of power. You want a high sensitivity number of at least 100 dB if you’re using a portable device. The lower the sensitivity, the harder the headphones have to work to sound as loud as those with high sensitivity.

Impedance: Impedance is measured in ohms and it relates to how much resistance the headphones put on an amplifier. Most earbuds for professional and commercial use have impedance under 100 ohms. The higher the impedance, the more power you’ll need.

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