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Best Wine Glasses

Top 10 Rated Wine Glasses 2024


You may think that there’s not much to consider when it comes to wine glasses, just as long as they hold wine, but you’d be surprised. We looked at a number of factors as we compiled our list of best 10 wine glasses:

1. Durability
2. Ease of cleaning — is it dishwasher safe?
3. How well it lets the wine breathe or concentrates the aroma.
4. Generous capacity
5. Elegance and classiness
6. Sturdiness and balance
7. Smoothness and thinness of the rim
8. How well it enhances the flavor and aroma of wine
9. Comfortable to hold

Riedel 9408/80  9.5/10

18 5/8 ounces
Set of 6 plus 2 bonus
4″ x 4″ x 7.8″

A strong, resilient knife forged in Japan, the Shun 7-Inch Hollow Edge santoku knife has a striking, pleasing design. Its cutting power is amazing, too….
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Libbey Vina  9/10

18 1/4 ounces
Set of 6
3 ½” x 3 ½” x 8 ¼”

A simple, elegant design makes these Libbey Vina red wine goblets a classy choice when serving various red wines. Sturdy and clear…
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Six 16 ½-ounce red wine glasses, 3 7/8 inches tall
Six 17-ounce white wine glasses, 4 ½ inches tall
Clear glass

If you’ve ever entertained, then you know that traditional stemmed wine glasses are easy to knock over and difficult to fit in the dishwasher…
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Set of 12
10.5-oz. goblets
7.25” tall

Elegant and classy in design yet durable enough to be used repeatedly for parties and general family use, the Luminarc Nuance 65841…
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Tuscana 5655  8.5/10

Set of 4 colored wine glasses
12-oz. wine glasses
Colored glass: assorted colors

If you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift, or you’re eager to brighten up your own kitchen, then you’ll be pleased with the Tuscana colored wine glasses…
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21 1/8 ounces
4 7/8 inches tall
Set of 6 plus 2 bonus glasses
Lead-free glass

With a tremendous capacity of 21 1/8 ounces, these Riedel O Cabernet tumblers are ideal for parties. The stemless design makes them harder…
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14 ½ ounces
3.2” x 3.2” x 8.5”
Set of 4
Lead-free crystal glass

Practical yet aesthetically pleasing, these Bormiolo Rocco white wine glasses are made of lead-free crystal and are durable enough to hold up against…
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Libbey 89328  7.5/10

10 ounces
Set of 12

Say you need some inexpensive wine glasses for an office party or large gathering, but you don’t want to worry about having enough glasses for red or…
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Wine Glasses Buying Guide

How Wine Glass Shape and Size Affects the Taste of Wine

You’d be surprised to know that experts have studied how the size and shape of wine glasses affects the taste and smell of wine. There’s a reason that there are a variety of glass shapes for different types of wine—each type enhances that wine’s special qualities.

You’re not only enhancing the taste of wine, but also the visual presentation. The right glass, with clear, brilliant clarity, shows off the rich color of the contents within. You feast as much with your eyes as with your mouth and stomach.

The shape and size of a wine glass determines how much of the surface of the wine is exposed to air. The level of oxidation, or exposure to air, has a subtle but noticeable affect on the chemicals within the wine that determine its taste and aroma. If the bowl of the glass is large enough, you can swirl the wine around to bring out all the flavor and smells.

Whites and Reds

But why are there different glasses for red and white wines? You can find all-purpose glasses that work for either kind of wine. They feature a tulip-shaped bowl that’s large enough for swirling but tapered enough to concentrate the bouquet.

However, wine connoisseurs appreciate a smaller version of the tulip glass for white wines. Whites generally don’t require much exposure to air, and the narrowed openings of white wine glasses keep the bouquet contained within and also help preserve the chill.

Full-bodied red wines benefit from aeration. The large burgundy glass features a large, open bowl that also makes an impressive presentation of these rich wines.

And of course, there’s also the champagne flute that you see at fancy occasions and New Year’s Eve parties. The long, narrow flute preserves the bubbles of champagne and also helps keep the drink chilled.

Rim, Stem, and Thickness

Even subtle qualities of the wine glass enhance the drinking experience. When the rim of the glass is thin and even, it directs wine to the right areas of the tongue for a full appreciation of the flavor. Depending on how wide the opening of the glass, the wine will either emit or retain its bouquet. Remember, reds generally require a glass with a wide opening, and whites taste better when the bouquet is concentrated in the glass.

The stem is also important, and not just for functional purposes. Yes, you hold the glass by the stem, so it should be long enough to be gripped comfortably. Doing so prevents the heat from your hand from altering the taste of the wine (yes, it has an effect).

With a stem firmly attached to both the bowl and the base, the wine glass should be sturdy enough to swirl the wine around. Thick glass is good for durability, but only at a minimum. The thinner the glass, the more you can appreciate the visual presentation of the wine.

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