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Twisted Metal

PS3 Exclusives  8.5/10


Twisted Metal 2012 PS3 Exclusive Game Cover
Twisted Metal is known as a classic, a grandfather of games. If you ever had the original Playstation in the 90s, you know about Twisted Metal. It’s returned once again on the PS3, released on February 14th of this year (making it a newer title) – it brings back all the crazy carnage you may or may not remember. In Twisted Metal you mainly take it online where the game focuses on heavy multiplayer combat, using vehicles. Yes vehicles. Each player gets their own vehicle of destruction and drives around, trying to find other players and destroy their vehicles. The multiplayer in the new Twisted Metal has many new game-modes that you will appreciate. This is an extremely fun game, a revision of a classic brought to life. We love it and highly recommend it, it will last you many months!


Vehicular Combat never felt so good

The new game-modes are abundant and fresh, keeping your online experience always fun

Vehicle Combat has always been, and is just straight up fun

The Price has already dropped since launch h just a couple months ago


If you’re not into “vehicles”, you might not like this title, you’re in a car the whole time