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Best Chefs Knives

Top 10 Rated Chefs Knives By Brittany Rowland The finest quality chefs knives are guaranteed to last you many years and provide versatile function in the kitchen. We looked for a variety of factors as we selected our top 10 knives, including: 1. Durable, strong forged steel 2. A full tang for extra strength 3. […]

Best Casserole Containers

Top 10 Rated Casserole Containers By Brittany Rowland Nothing says comfort food like a rich, hot casserole. We looked at a number of casserole containers, both glass and stoneware, and found 10 that we believe do a superior job of baking casseroles, lasagna, bread, and other meals. We looked for the following qualities: 1. Safe […]

Best Knife Sets

Top 10 Rated Knife Sets By Brittany Rowland Knife sets can be a convenient solution if you want a complete set of all the essential tools but you don’t want to spend a fortune on each individual knife. Value was one of the key considerations we had when choosing the top 10 knife sets. Other […]

Best Santoku Knives

Top 10 Rated Santoku Knives By Brittany Rowland The finest quality santoku knives are guaranteed to last you many years and provide versatile function in the kitchen. The word santoku means “three virtues,” after all. We looked for a variety of factors as we selected our top 10 knives, including: 1. Durable, strong forged steel […]

Best Pot Racks

Top 10 Rated Pot Racks By Brittany Rowland When it comes to pot racks, be they ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted, you want sturdiness, durability, and enough space to hold lots of pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. Some of the main factors we considered while compiling our top 10 list included: 1. Ease of assembly and installation […]

Best Cookware Sets

Top 10 Rated Cookware Sets By Brittany Rowland Cookware pieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some of the most common and popular materials for pots and pans are stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum with a non-stick surface. We looked at a number of cookware sets and selected our top 10 […]

Best Wine Glasses

Top 10 Rated Wine Glasses By Brittany Rowland You may think that there’s not much to consider when it comes to wine glasses, just as long as they hold wine, but you’d be surprised. We looked at a number of factors as we compiled our list of best 10 wine glasses: 1. Durability 2. Ease […]

More Santoku Knives

Ginsu 04858  8/10 5 inches and 7 inches High carbon Japanese stainless steel Stainless steel handle What a great deal: two santoku knives from Ginsu for only $18.74. With a seamless, all-steel construction, these knives have a sleek… read more Furi Rachael Ray FUR901  7.5/10 7 inches Forged CrMoV German stainless steel 12.25″ x 2.5″ […]

More Wine Glasses

Mikasa SW910-400  7.5/10 18 ounces 9 inches tall, 4 ½ inches across Set of 4 Lead crystal glass An fun and festive set of balloon wine goblets for parties, these Mikasa Cheers glasses are made of delicate crystal and feature unique patterns… read more Govino  7/10 Made of PETG, a flexible polymer material to resemble […]

Range Hood Cleaning Tips

By Brittany Rowland While many range hoods have removable filters that are generally easy to clean—some are even safe to go in the dishwasher—you also have the top and other surfaces of the hood to keep clean. You’d be surprised how much grease builds up on top of the hood. Not only does grease keep […]

Knife Sharpening Tools and Tips

By Brittany Rowland Sharpening your special kitchen knives when it’s required will keep them cutting and slicing away with speed and precision. Even though many knife manufacturers boast that their knives stay sharp and rarely need honing, it’s still smart to have a couple tools at hand for when your blades inevitably start getting dull. […]

Parts of a Chef’s Knife

By Brittany Rowland If you’re hunting for a top-quality chefs knife, then it’s helpful to understand the basic components of a knife and what qualities makes it durable and strong. Forged steel is always preferable. The steel should run in one piece from the tip of the knife to the tang, or the part that’s […]

How to Use a Chef’s Knife

By Brittany Rowland Whether you’re a professional or amateur cook, knowing how to use a chefs knife properly will save you a lot of time and effort, and be safer too. When you have a lot of meats, fish, or vegetables to go through, it’s helpful to know how to wield and maneuver the knife […]

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Knives

By Brittany Rowland So you’re in charge of your own kitchen now and you need to build up your collection of kitchen tools. As any professional or aspiring chef knows, the greatest tools you have at your disposal are knives. Different knives perform different functions, of course, be it chopping, mincing, dicing, slicing, paring, scooping, […]

Santoku Knife Use and History

By Brittany Rowland These days, the santoku knife has become a ubiquitous kitchen tool, common in all home appliance stores and TV cooking shows. You hear a TV chef rave about the santoku knife, and you wonder if it’s an ancient Japanese knife only recently brought to the West. After all, companies that forge santoku […]

Knife Storage Tips

By Brittany Rowland The last thing you want to do is keep all your sharp knives—chefs, santoku, filleting, paring, etc.—is throw them all together in a drawer. Not only does it look untidy and fail to protect the blades, but it’s like sticking your hand in a land mine to fish one out. Some knives […]