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The South Beach Diet Review

Diet Plan  8.5/10


The South Beach Diet	The South Beach diet may be known for its protein intake as a key component but it also calls for plenty of fiber through fruits and vegetables. High fiber and lean protein foods are the most nutritious and send satiation signals to the brain according to Dr. Aurther Agatston – author of the book and diet. Much of the diet is centered on research by him about the appetite and what makes a person hungry and what makes them feel satisfied or satiated. For instance, the diet discourages eating foods high in refined carbs and unhealthy fats because they actually activate the hunger signals in the brain even though the foods are high in calories.


Emphasizes the reasons for Healthy Eating from scientific standpoint

Not too difficult since you can eat large portions

Recommends specific foods

Lifestyle diet that’s not too difficult to keep up


Website and bood provide recipes

No calorie counting, it’s more about the foods you eat


Most dishes require some preparation time

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