Lemonade Fast Master Cleanse Diet Review

Diet Plan  9/10


Lemonade Fast Master Cleanse DietThis diet developed in 1940 by Stanley Borroughs works and not only does it work it gives you tons of great health benefits. I’ve done it several times and so has my brother and father. The original master cleanse document is quite long, around 35 pages (now a book) but it is also very educational because it tells you why the diet works and answers some very mysterious questions like, “How will I keep going to the bathroom (#2) if all I’m doing is drinking this lemonade concoction?” It’s a great question and the answer is not only interesting but miraculously you do keep going every day. Your body expels toxins that have been built up in your organs, turns them into solids in your intestines and out they go. It’s amazing. The recommended routine is 10 days but I know people who have done as few as 4. At the end of the 10 day period when your tongue is clear, velvet smooth and a rich red color you do one flush with a very large container full of sea salt water to completely clean those intestines. The salt water rushes right through your body and out the other end in just 20 minutes or so. Another benefit, your skin heals nicely during this diet. Losing lots of weight is almost a side benefit. Take a look at Beyonce Knowles skin in the before and after shots if you dont believe me. Let me tell you one thing about this diet, it’s not easy. You will feel like absolute crap during the 2nd and 3rd day as your body releases built up toxins. You will dream about food and find yourself gravitating to the food network to watch reruns of Emeril and other cooking shows you never would have watched before. It might become your favorite channel.


Great Health Benefits for Skin, Eyes, Internal organs

Lose weight for sure, fast

Energy returns great after 3rd day

It’s a short duration

It’s strong medicine

Your sleep is restful and dreams can be very vivid

No calorie counting

It reboots your system to create desire for healthy foods


Get tired of Cayenne pepper in Lemonade

It can be a hassle to make more lemonade when you run out (and that’s all you can eat)

Cravings are tough – you want to eat. It’s a test of will.

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