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The Juice Fast Diet Review

Diet Plan  9/10


The Juice Fast DietThis diet is similar to the Lemonade fast in many respects except that you can stay on it for as long as you like. The formula is simple, buy a good juicer and start juicing your meals from kale, lettuce, spinach, apples, pears, carrots and the like. You can juice almost any fruit or vegetable but we recommend not using banana or grapes which are very high in sugar. The detoxing effects of this diet are similar to the lemonade fast in that you feel pretty lousy for the first couple of days then get tons of good energy from day 4 on. You obviously have more energy but lose weight slower on this diet than on the lemonade fast. This diet was recently sensationalized by Joe Cross in his documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead in which he documents his progression and weight loss on the diet. One of the reasons this diet and the lemonade fast work so well is that they allow the body to heal itself mainly by giving the body enough nutrition but in a very easily digestible form (juice). It’s important to keep up regular activity to burn calories as digesting the juice does not burn as many calories as the solid food would otherwise.


Great Detoxification attributes

Rapid weight loss for most

Good energy

Excellent nutritional value

No calorie counting (unless you want to)


For many, it may be difficult to do for an extended period

Expense of the juicer


Color: Silver
700-watt motor
9.5″ x 8.8″ x 16″
9 pounds

For a budget model at $99.95, this compact Breville juicer is a highly effective machine, pulling juice out of vegetables and fruit in a matter of seconds with a powerful…read more

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