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Lean Cuisine Diet Review

Diet Plan  6.5/10


Lean Cuisine DietThough not really a diet I have always found it easy to lose weight by eating pre-packaged meals with limited calories. It prevents cheating. Lean Cuisine has been around for a long time. It’s an old classic, but still it can be effective for dieting – especially for those that are used to eating a large lunch. It’s all about portion control and therefore calorie control. It’s about keeping up with calories which is not too fun. 1200 calories would be a limit for some females. The pre-packaged frozen food from Lean Cuisine helps keep count and obviously cuts way down on preparation and cook time. You may be surprised how little food a meal is once you start heating or steaming these babies. Anyway, it works. I’ve done it. It’s just an intake limitation device. I was surprised to see that Lean Cuisine does not list all the nutritional information of it’s various offerings on its web site. Weak.


Time Savings

Easy Preparation

Food Tastes good (to me anyway)

It’s simple calorie control works


Too much Sodium

It’s a drag keeping a strict calorie count

You stay pretty hungry

Lean Cuisine’s web site is terrible and no help at all

You may not get enough fiber

Nutritional value not as good as some

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