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Mayo Clinic Diet Review

Diet Plan  7/10


Mayo Clinic DietThough complex and difficult to comprehend at times this is basically a good diet put forth by one of the most respected health clinics in America. It is officially developed by the clinic through research and experience. The diet is broken down into two phases: “Lose it!” which is the first couple of weeks in which it jump starts your weight loss and, “Live it!” in which you start your lifestyle routines and taking away bad habits and gaining good ones. It also involves daily exercise for 30 minutes. The first couple weeks takes off 6 to 10 pounds, the weeks following are 1 to 2 pounds.


Regimented and thoroughly laid out

Researched and recommended by Mayo Clinic

Emphasizes long term solutions to keeping weight off

Emphasizes getting rid of bad habits


Long and complex to understand

Weight loss is slower than most

Somewhat cookie cutter doctors advice: eat better, exercise

Makes dieting a research project

Too much of everything: calorie counting, pyramids, charting etc.

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