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The Gluten Free Diet Review

Diet Plan  8/10


The Gluten Free DietThough not really a weight loss diet some people may find that they have gluten intolerances without even knowing it. If a person is intolerant to gluten they will likely experience bloating as the body retains fluids to help fight off the allergic reaction. Many people also have celiac disease without knowing it, which is partly characterized by an intolerance and allergic reaction to gluten based foods. When people that have a gluten intolerance stop eating foods with gluten they often experience weight loss (sometimes a lot) and other stomach symptoms like bloating, gas, and irritation also dissipate. Gluten is a protein found in foods processed from wheat, barley and rye. That’s right – bread, as much as we all love it is off the menu. And yes, bread extends to pizza dough. And beer is certainly taboo. I tried the gluten free diet for 3 weeks and had two things to report, 1) it was easy for me to stay gluten free – meaning not very painful. 2) I did not lose any or much weight which likely means that I’m not gluten intolerant. A good friend however lost 12 pounds in two weeks with stunning results and felt much better as well, thus discovering that they were gluten intolerant. So what do you eat when you cant eat gluten? Rice, hemp bread, there is even gluten free pasta and gluten free beer out there, candy, all manner of fruits and vegetables.


No calorie counting

Fairly easy to implement with no hunger

Gluten intolerant people benefit in weight loss and health

Naturally cuts out lots of refined foods


May not have any weight loss benefit for non-gluten intolerant

Other refined foods not restricted

One can eat gluten free and still eat low nutrition

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