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Victorinox 40520 Review

Chefs Knive  7.5/10


Victorinox 40520 Review: Fibrox 8-Inch Chefs KnifeA fine-quality chefs knife for only $24.98, this Victorinox 8-inch knife has a textured grip and a lightweight, balanced feel. Perfect for chopping, slicing, and mincing at great speeds, the blade features a surprisingly sharp, fine edge. If you prefer a heavy, forged knife, then this knife isn’t for you, but many professional chefs appreciate the lightness of the stamped blade, which reduces arm fatigue after hours of use. For the low price, we were satisfied with this chefs knife, which for the most part seems like it will hold up to repeated use.



Blade retains its fine edge and sharpness

Extremely lightweight with a 2-inch slip-resistant handle

Easy to manipulate quickly

Nice balance

Lifetime warranty


Tip is very thin and at risk of breaking

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