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Global GF-34 Review

Chefs Knive  9.5/10


Global GF-34 Review: 10 ½-Inch Chefs KnifeA long, razor-sharp blade makes this Global 10 ½-inch chefs knife a boon to any kitchen. Perfectly suited to cutting large pieces of meat and fish, the blade stays sharp and thin for a long time. Its one-piece construction, featuring no seams between the blade and handle, means no food or juices will get trapped in crevices. The drop forged steel is extremely strong and holds up against rigorous use. While this knife is quite heavy, its ergonomic, dimpled handle is easy to grip and the provides excellent balance. This knife costs $176.95 and has a lifetime guarantee.


Long blade well suited to large cuts of meat and fish

Drop forged steel stands up to heavy use

Lifetime warranty

Crafted in Japan using traditional sword-making techniques

Smooth, seamless construction is sanitary and easy to clean

Dimpled, tapered handle is slip-resistant


Heavy and fatiguing after extended use

Requires hand washing with a special cleanser

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