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Shun DM0706 Review

Chefs Knive  8.5/10


Shun DM0706 Review: 8-Inch Chefs KnifeA stunningly attractive Japanese chefs knife from Shun, this 8-inch knife has a double-beveled blade and a black laminated PakkaWood handle in a stylish D-shape. Comfortable to grip, especially if you have smaller hands, this knife’s rounded handle is designed not to rotate in your hand. The VG-10 steel used in the construction is harder and less brittle than other types of steel. Resistant to rust, this chefs knife is safe to wash in the dishwasher, but it requires weekly sharpening maintenance. It runs for $139.95.


Extra rust protection

Rounded ergonomic handle is suited for smaller hands

VG-10 steel is harder but more flexible than other types

D-shaped laminated PakkaWood handle is attractive and strong

Lifetime warranty

Double beveled

Dishwasher safe


Requires weekly honing with a special professional sharpener

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