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Finesseur Ceramic Knife

Chefs Knife  9/10


Finesseur Ceramic Knife Review: 8” Chefs Knife
The Finesseur Ceramic Knife asserts that its ultra-strong ceramic material holds its razor sharp edge longer than traditional stainless steel. We can certainly confirm that this is an extremely sharp knife with great balance and a comfortable handle. Lightweight and easy to wield, the Finesseur Ceramic Knife is very affordable at $29.97 and cuts through hard foods like sweet potatoes and hard cheeses with hardly any effort. Its non-porous material will withstand rust and odors. Just be sure that, as with most professional knives, you hand wash it to preserve its quality and sharp edge.


Strong ceramic material holds its sharp edge for a long time

Easy to hand wash and maintain

Non-porous material will prevent rust and odors

More lightweight than steel knives

Great balance

So sharp it cuts through potatoes and hard cheeses effortlessly


Doesn’t come with a sheath

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