Features to Expect from Hand Mixers in Various Price Ranges

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A hand mixer is a simple, convenient kitchen appliance that saves you some time and effort mixing, beating, or whipping food. While generally not as heavy-duty as a stand mixer or a blender, a hand mixer still possesses more power than your arm with a spoon. You can find basic, no-fuss mixers for as low as $15. There are mid-range hand mixers that run up to $50 and feature a stronger motor and more accessories. The fanciest models come with even more wattage, speeds, and special tools to tackle any type of mixing task. They can range from $50 to $100.

As you shop for a hand mixer, you should have a fair idea of what features and qualities to expect from a model in a low, medium, or high price range.

Low-priced models

These hand mixers will do a decent job with most mixing tasks and should hold up with moderate use. The most common functions—beating eggs, mixing mashed potatoes, and blending cake batter—shouldn’t be a problem for a basic hand mixer. They’re not completely bare-bones when it comes to features, either. Consider some of these available options:

  • Durable plastic housing
  • Up to 6 speeds controlled by a single switch
  • Cord storage
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Beater ejection button
  • Whisk attachments
  • Storage case for accessories

Mid-priced models

A more expensive model generally means a more powerful motor. Pay attention to a hand mixer’s wattage to get an idea of how strong it is against dense materials. It should have at least 220 watts to justify the higher price. Other special features you should look for include:

  • Swivel cord for either-handed users
  • Extra-long stainless steel beaters that can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Additional attachments like dough hooks, whisks, and milkshake blender rods
  • Bonuses like a spatula or stainless steel mixing bowl
  • Instructional and/or recipe book
  • A heel rest for setting the hand mixer down

High-priced models

With a top-of-the-line hand mixer, you should receive the most power and versatility when it comes to mixing speeds. Expensive models typically have a sturdy metal housing that’s sleeker in appearance than plastic. Other qualities you can find with high-priced hand mixers include:

  • Powerful motors ranging from 240 to 290 watts
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories like balloon whisks, dough hooks, and drink blender rods
  • Digital displays and/or timers
  • Power burst button or automatic feedback
  • A slow start that avoids splattering food
  • Extra-strong turbo beaters
  • More fun color options
  • Mixing load sensors
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