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Proctor Silex 62535 Review

Hand Mixer  6.5/10


Proctor Silex 62535 ReviewA sturdy little device from Proctor Silex, this white hand mixer with five speeds handles light to medium mixes quite well. The beaters tend to get clogged with heavier substances like cookie batter. Still, there are several features to like with this model. The beaters are large, sturdy chrome. You can rest the mixer against the bowl when you step away or to give your hand a break. The mixer is very lightweight, however, with an ergonomic handle. Best of all, it doesn’t splatter food all over the counter with its lightest speed. For $16.99, it’s a more than competent hand mixer.


Large chrome beaters

Bowl rest feature prevents spills and drips

Effectively handles folding, mixing, and beating

Lightweight and easy to grip

Lightest setting doesn’t cause splatters


Beaters get clogged with thick substances

Lacks accessories like a whisk


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