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Waring Pro WHM100W Review

Hand Mixer  7.5/10


Waring Pro WHM100W ReviewAn attractive, lightweight model, this Waring Pro hand mixer is durable and easy to use at the same time. A blue LCD display on the handle shows the speed and the timer. A possible problem with this arrangement is that you occasionally hit the wrong button by mistake. Still, the mixer works quite well at beating both light whipped cream and thick mashed potatoes. When we hit the off switch, the beaters stopped instantly. The eject button also has a nice pop, meaning you don’t have to struggle to pull out the beaters. With ten speeds that go from the slowest up to the most powerful, this is a dutiful mixer available for just $38.87.


Handle includes blue backlit LCD timer and speed display

Lightweight and easy to wield

2 large beaters

Precise mixing with a convenient count-up timer

Quick turn off and easy eject feature for beaters


Buttons not ideally placed


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