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Features That Make Vacuuming Easier and More Effective

Features That Make Vacuuming Easier and More Effective

Everyone wants clean, plush carpet and slick hardwood floors. However, vacuuming can be a cumbersome, time-consuming task when it involves tugging around a bulky vacuum, untangling the power cord, and switching outlets multiple times. Luckily, there are new vacuum cleaners that make the task less of a hassle and leave your floors extra clean with some effective and convenient features.

Long power cord

Depending on how large your rooms are, you’ll probably appreciate a long power cord that doesn’t force you to move constantly from outlet to outlet. Of course, you don’t want the cord to get in the way of the vacuum head; some models have a clip that keeps the cord out from underfoot. The Hoover UH70120 even features a foot pedal that automatically retracts the power cord, saving you the trouble of winding it up.

HEPA filter

Sealed HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners are especially beneficial if you or a family member suffer from allergies. The filter is capable of trapping the most common allergens, pollens, and dust mites. Everyone will breathe better without those allergens resting in carpets and furniture upholstery. Look for filters that you can wash off periodically instead of replacing it.


Most vacuum cleaners come with an assortment of attachments that provide versatile cleaning functions.

  • Extendable wands let you reach ceiling corners to suck up cobwebs and clean all the surfaces of your staircase.
  • A power nozzle is most effective for cleaning pile carpets and rugs.
  • Dust brushes are useful for cleaning up dust and hair from hard and soft surfaces.
  • Crevice tools let you reach every small nook and cranny, such as between the sofa cushions, where you’ll typically find all sorts of food, dirt, and unidentifiable particles.

Adjustable height

When you can adjust the vacuum cleaner height for different types of carpet, it will be easier to push back and forth and you’ll get the most dirt up. A low setting is sufficient for low-pile carpet, while thicker, plusher carpet requires a high setting.

Accessible controls

You’ll find that it’s easier to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off or adjust the settings when the controls are located on the handle instead of at the base.

Edge cleaner

A vacuum head that has a wide opening can reach dirt right up against the wall and in tight corners.

Full-container indicator

A bagged vacuum cleaner should include a full-container indicator so you know when the bag needs to be replaced. You should change out the bag when it’s filled about three-quarters full to get the most thorough suction.


Although this feature typically makes the vacuum cleaner bulkier and heavier to carry, it helps you push it back and forth with the transmission and drive system.

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