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Dyson DC33 Review

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner  8/10


Dyson DC33An upright vacuum cleaner capable of cleaning any type of floor—wood, tile, carpet—this Dyson model pulls out even microscopic allergens and pollen. The HEPA filter traps these small particles and only needs to be washed occasionally, not replaced. With Dyson’s powerful cyclone technology, the vacuum never loses suction but cleans deep into the carpet—in fact, you’ll have to be careful running it over lightweight rugs. Cleaning up is simple, too: With one hand, you release the canister and then empty it over the garbage can with minimum contact with dust and dirt. Available for as low as $299, this Dyson vacuum cleaner is a powerful performer.


Cleans every floor type

Includes a soft dusting brush, crevice tool, and a wand that extends to 15.7 feet

Washable HEPA filter never has to be replaced

Cyclone technology means no loss of suction

Lightweight and quiet enough not to scare pets or children

Canister comes off vacuum easily with the press of a button


Releasing and retracting the wand is slightly cumbersome with 2 separate buttons

Cleaning hair out of the brush is difficult


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