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Dyson DC25 Review

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner  8/10


Dyson DC25A vacuum resting on a ball, this upright Dyson model makes it simple to pivot and steer around furniture. It handles both hardwood and carpet well, pulling up amazing amounts of dirt and dust. We didn’t experience any clogging or loss of suction, and emptying out the canister required little physical contact with the debris. The HEPA filter is easily cleaned and it effectively traps allergens. The wand is easy to extend and makes reaching cobwebs up in high corners a breeze; we only wish the nozzle on the attachment were a bit wider to make vacuuming steps faster. At $421, this is a more expensive model, but its effectiveness at sucking up dirt and dust makes it a valuable household machine.


Ball design makes it easy to steer and maneuver

Cyclone technology reduces clogging and suction loss

Motorized brushbar reaches deep into carpets to pull out dust

HEPA filter traps allergens

Extendable wand makes it easy to reach stairs, drapes, and upholstery


A wider nozzle on the attachment would make vacuuming stairs faster



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