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Dirt Devil UD70105 Review

Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner  7.5/10


Dirt Devil UD70105With a powerful suction for such a lightweight, compact vacuum, the Dirt Devil UD70105 is ideal for small apartments or homes. It automatically adjusts the height, depending on whether you’re vacuuming carpet or hardwoods. The suction is effective at pulling out all kinds of dirt and dust, but it won’t suck up large objects or rugs. We were pleased with the onboard accessories: the crevice tool, dust brush, and extension wand work as shown. The canister fills up quickly, and emptying it can be messy for your hands, but for a great budget price of $49.96, this Dirt Devil doesn’t disappoint with its sucking performance.


Accessories include dusting brush, extension wand, crevice tool

Wide 13” cleaning path

Dirt cup empties from the bottom directly into garbage

Lightweight and maneuverable

Great suction

Good value


On the noisy side

Pet hair can get stuck in the dirt cup


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