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Broil King 986554

Propane Gas Grill  8.5/10 By John E. Moore This is one impressive propane grill. The 635 square inches of cooking space and 40,000 BTUs of heat can get any grilling job done without breaking a sweat. The aluminum oven is thick cast for keeping all the heat in and the cast iron grates do an […]

Master Forge GD4215S

Propane Gas Grill  8/10 By John E. Moore For a reasonable price, the Master Forge GD4215S offers great grilling performance and a durable, sturdy design. You’ll appreciate the three burners which can cook different foods—steaks, burgers, veggies, etc.—at the same time on the 427.5 square inches of cooking space. We were satisfied with how easily […]

Tips for Cleaning a Grill

Tips for Cleaning a Grill

By Brittany Rowland After cooking out and enjoying crispy steaks, burgers, or kebabs, usually the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning the grill. However, to continue getting the best tasting food and most efficient grilling, it’s critical to maintain your grill on a regular basis. Neglecting the task just makes it more difficult […]

The Basics of Grilling: Knowing When to Use Hot or Low Temperatures

The Basics of Grilling: Knowing When to Use Hot or Low Temperatures

By Brittany Rowland While there are now high-end grills that feature no shortage of special tools, precise controls, and convenient accessories, the basic principles of grilling have not changed much over the years. Grilling food perfectly takes skill, attention, and practice. Professional and amateur chefs alike take great pride in their grilling prowess. The basic […]

Cuisinart CGG-200

Cuisinart CGG-200 Review

Countertop Propane Grill  8/10 By Brittany Rowland A compact, portable propane grill from Cuisinart, this model rests neatly on a tabletop and holds adequate amounts of food for the average family. With a system of interchangeable trays, you can grill a variety of foods, from vegetables to pizzas to fish. We were impressed that a […]

Weber 6621001

Weber 6621001 Review

Natural Gas Grill   9.5/10 By Brittany Rowland A sturdy natural gas grill built like a tank, the Weber Genesis E-310 heats up to 700 degrees F in under 10 minutes. The porcelain-enameled cast iron grates are excellent at searing meats, fish, and vegetables. A nice bonus feature that allows you to multitask is the […]

Fire Sense 60508

Char-Griller 2121 Review

Charcoal Grill   7/10 By Brittany Rowland The Char-Griller 2121 is a crowd-pleaser for its durable steel construction and superior charcoal grilling performance. We were impressed with how easy it was to assemble and set up—not to mention using the firebox reduces the need for charcoal to warm up the main grill. This grill has […]

Lodge Logic L410

Lodge Logic L410 Review

Pre-seasoned Charcoal Grill   8/10 By Brittany Rowland Ideal for small families and intimate gatherings, this Lodge Logic model is a no-fuss charcoal grill that comes with pre-seasoned grates. A durable hibachi-style grill made of cast iron, it heats slowly but stays warm for a long time so you can get a lot of grilling […]

Char-Griller 2123

Char-Griller 2123 Review

Charcoal Grill and Smoker   8/10 By Brittany Rowland The perfect size for the average family, the Char-Griller 640-Inch Charcoal Grill/Smoker is also up to the task of serving large parties and barbecues. An air-tight lid seals in the heat for grilling and smoking and effectively snuffs out the charcoal to be used again later. […]

George Foreman GGR50B

George Foreman GGR50B Review

Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill   8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland A convenient grill for indoor or outdoor use, this George Foreman electric grill heats up within 10 minutes and has enough space on its 17-inch surface to cook whole birds or roasts. You can set up the grill either on a countertop or on its pedestal and […]

Weber 741001

Weber 741001 Review

Silver Kettle Grill   8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland The classic kettle design of the Weber 741001 is a crowd pleaser. The 22.5-inch-in-diameter grill radiates heat evenly, and it’s spacious enough to hold several large burgers or steaks. The one-touch cleaning system works by sifting ash from the kettle into a removable pan, allowing you to […]

Weber 386002

Weber 386002 Review

Portable Propane Gas Grill  8/10 By Brittany Rowland An attractive propane gas grill with a rounded lid, the Weber Q 100 is easily portable and heats up surprisingly quickly for its smaller size. Its 189-square-inch cooking area is enough for burgers or steaks for the average family, although you won’t be able to fit in […]

Coleman 9949-750

Coleman 9949-750 Review

Collapsible Propane Grill  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland Unlike typical portable propane grills, this Coleman road trip grill is full size and collapses easily with its scissor legs. Ideal for travel, camping, and beach trips, the grill features two 10,000-BTU burners that heat up quickly and sear food for the tastiest flavor. With removable grates and […]

Char-Broil 463270611 Review

Char-Broil 463270611 Review

Infrared Gas Grill  9/10 By Brittany Rowland Cooking with infrared technology, this Char-Broil gas grill, available for $285, quickly sears meat, fish, pizza, and burgers and leaves the insides juicy and flavorful. Flare ups are no problem with this grill. Perfect for small patios, its compact size still allows for two folding side shelves. The […]