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George Foreman GGR50B Review

Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill   8.5/10


George Foreman GGR50BA convenient grill for indoor or outdoor use, this George Foreman electric grill heats up within 10 minutes and has enough space on its 17-inch surface to cook whole birds or roasts. You can set up the grill either on a countertop or on its pedestal and simply plug it in to get started. The nonstick grill has a gentle slope that helps drain grease and fat down into a removable tray, so cleanup is easy. If you’re looking for a space saving alternative to a charcoal grill or even a backup grill that you can use indoors on rainy days, then you’ll appreciate the nice searing performance of this George Foreman model, available for only $89.99.


Grill sits on a countertop or attaches to a pedestal for easy indoor/outdoor use

Electric heat ranges from low to high

Slanted grill base drains grease and fat into a removable tray

Nonstick grill surface is easy to wipe clean

Holds a whole roast or chicken and circulates heat evenly


Can create a mess if used indoors with grease spills and splatters

Grill is top-heavy on the pedestal


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