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Lodge Logic L410 Review

Pre-seasoned Charcoal Grill   8/10


Lodge Logic L410Ideal for small families and intimate gatherings, this Lodge Logic model is a no-fuss charcoal grill that comes with pre-seasoned grates. A durable hibachi-style grill made of cast iron, it heats slowly but stays warm for a long time so you can get a lot of grilling done. A draft door regulates the heat, and you can access the coals through a flip-down door. Best of all, this Lodge Logic grill is easily portable with a convenient handle, so you can take it tailgating or camping. For only $99.39, it’s a great value.


Grate has two adjustable heights for different cooking speeds

Access to coals through a flip-down door

Hibachi-style grill heats evenly with cast iron construction

Included draft door regulates the heat

Grate comes pre-seasoned

Carrying handle makes it easily portable


Not for roasting or smoking because there’s no lid


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