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Best Waterproof iPad Cases

Best Waterproof iPad Cases

Top Rated Waterproof iPad Cases By Jon Bannister As iPads and other tablets become more commonly used in our day-to-day activities, we need a reliable protective case that safeguards the iPad from water splashes. Whether you want to enjoy your tablet at the pool or beach, or you have a messy kid who could spill […]

More iPad Cases

Exact CPA-IP0073  7.5/10 Heavy-duty PC material Scratch-resistant 5.9” x 5.9” x 0.8” 3.2 ounces A lightweight, clear protective case, this Exact snap-on case lets you carry around your iPad 2 in a pocket or bag without worrying… read more Back to Top iPad Cases

Otterbox Defender Series

iPad Case  9/10 By Steve Holdgren Extra peace of mind when it comes to a device like the iPad is practically a necessity. The Otterbox Defender series offers that peace of mind from all sorts of bumps, shocks, drops, and scratches. The silicone construction takes any impact force away from the unit and disperses the […]

iGen TabZip

Waterproof iPad Case  9.5/10 By Jon Bannister The iGen TabZip Water Resistant iPad Case is a popular choice for a waterproof case that also doesn’t cost much. With double seals and welded seams, it works quite well at keeping water, sand, and other debris away from your iPad or other tablet. After sliding the tablet […]

DryCASE Tablet Waterproof Case

Waterproof iPad and Tablet Case  8.5/10 By Jon Bannister This is one heavy duty ipad case which costs $38. It follows a similar design to all the other waterproof cases out there, but adds an extra feeling of protection from shocks and dings. The clear pouch creates an air-tight vacuum around your iPad, e-reader, or […]

OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case

Waterproof iPad Case  9/10 By Jon Bannister Priced at $42.74, the OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case is a good option for protecting your iPad. It’s a black poly-urethane case that encloses and seals the iPad, protecting it from water splashes, raindrops, and wet hands. The touchscreen functions still work through the case, including sound. Just be […]

Solar iPad Case

5 Tips for Choosing an iPad Case

By Steve Holdgren Choose a case that suits your user habits Are you a student or a professional that needs a slim, lightweight yet functional case for your iPad 2? Consider a folio-style case which opens like a book and automatically powers up the device. This style case typically folds back to form a stand […]

Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens: Understanding the Difference

Resistive and Capacitive Touchscreens: Understanding the Difference

By JB Burden Most of our gadgets today feature touchscreens. We’ve long hand touchscreens on ATMs, supermarket check-out lines, and other public places. But you’ve probably noticed that the touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet works differently than the touchscreen at the bank drive-thru. Why is that? The difference lies in the type of touchscreen, […]

HDE AD-GCPD22-7C vs. Arkon IPM-TAB1: Comparing Two Tablet Stands

HDE AD-GCPD22-7C vs. Arkon IPM-TAB1: Comparing Two Tablet Stands

By JB Burden The 7-inch tablet stand and carrying case from HDE and the Arkon portable fold-up tablet stand are two popular options for viewing the iPad or other tablet in an upright position. The HDE stand also functions as a protective carrying case and comes with a USB keyboard to make typing easier. The […]

Cosmos vs. Bluecell Stylus Pens

Cosmos vs. Bluecell Stylus Pens

By JB Burden Styluses come in handy whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone, e-reader, or other device with a touchscreen. Some people even carry around their styluses to use on public ATMs or kiosks. A good stylus works on capacitive and resistive screens. Cosmos and Bluecell are two manufacturers that offer inexpensive styluses for smartphones […]

Best iPad Cases

Top 10 Rated iPad Cases By Steve Holdgren The ideal iPad 2 case protects your valuable possession from everyday wear and tear and allows you to use it in comfort and style. We looked for cases with the following qualities: 1. A built-in stand for holding it upright and/or a slanted typing position 2. High-quality […]

Exact CPA-IP0073

iPad Case  7.5/10 A lightweight, clear protective case, this Exact snap-on case lets you carry around your iPad 2 in a pocket or bag without worrying about scratches. The heavy-duty plastic seems strong but appropriately flexible. You can still access the ports and buttons easily. The edges are fairly smooth and comfortable to grip. We […]

Otterbox APL7-IPAD2-20-E4OTR

iPad 2 Case  8/10 If you need the extra peace of mind that your iPad 2 is protected from drops and bumps, then the Otterbox Reflex Series case is a great choice. Constructed of tough polycarbonate and TPE rubber, it encases the iPad 2 around the back and sides. You can still press the buttons […]


iPad 2 Case  8/10 A handsome folio-style iPad 2 case made from cowhide leather, this case from AYL allows you to stand it upright, in a slanted position for movies, and a lower position for comfortable typing. Extremely thin and lightweight, it features nice, sturdy-looking stitching and construction. We like how it closes securely with […]

Case-Mate CM013588

iPad 2 Case  8/10 A durable, sturdy case from Case-Mate, this flexible plastic shell in pink and gray lets you handle your iPad without fear of scratching or banging it. The combination of plastic and rubber provides shock absorbers, scratch resistance, and shielding from impacts. There’s no cover over the front, but the lips over […]

Bear Motion

iPad 2 Case  8.5/10 A handsome iPad 2 case made of top grade cowhide leather, this Bear Motion folio-style cover protects the iPad from scratches and bumps. The material is high quality and resists scratches. The cover folds back to form a stand for watching media and typing. It also supports sleep mode and awakens […]