Otterbox Defender Series

iPad Case  9/10


Otterbox Defender Series iPad Case
Extra peace of mind when it comes to a device like the iPad is practically a necessity. The Otterbox Defender series offers that peace of mind from all sorts of bumps, shocks, drops, and scratches. The silicone construction takes any impact force away from the unit and disperses the energy to keep the tablet safe. The ports and buttons are covered and therefore protected from dust, but still fully functional and accessible. If you need to attach some large accessory, the bottom half of the case slides off easily. While it’s made of a strong rubbery material, the case itself is not too heavy or bulky. It feels nice to hold and has a nice grip. We liked that the screen shield doubles as a versatile stand for watching media and typing. The case is a bit expensive at $60 to $80 online.


Protects the iPad from scratches and drops

3 layers of protection

Case doubles as a stand

Easy access to ports and buttons, yet fully protects them from harmful dust and debris

Not too bulky and easy to grip


The included screen protector isn’t very good quality

Pretty much doubles the weight of the tablet




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