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DryCASE Tablet Waterproof Case

Waterproof iPad and Tablet Case  8.5/10


DryCASE Tablet Waterproof Case ReviewThis is one heavy duty ipad case which costs $38. It follows a similar design to all the other waterproof cases out there, but adds an extra feeling of protection from shocks and dings. The clear pouch creates an air-tight vacuum around your iPad, e-reader, or similar tablet to protect it from water and allow you to operate the touchscreen. It’s ideal for hiking or camping trips or any activity where you could potentially expose your expensive devices to water, snow, or dirt.

Quick Specs

  • Headphone jack
  • Armband and neck lanyard
  • Fits many devices

Water, dust, sand, and dirt are completely kept away from devices inside

It is vacuum sealed so the layer of plastic over the touchscreen won’t impede touch controls

The headphone jack is a nice addition to the overall functionality of the waterproof case


If not enough air is pumped out of the bag, air bubbles get in the way of touch controls


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