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iGen TabZip

Waterproof iPad Case  9.5/10


iGen TabZip Waterproof iPad Case Review
The iGen TabZip Water Resistant iPad Case is a popular choice for a waterproof case that also doesn’t cost much. With double seals and welded seams, it works quite well at keeping water, sand, and other debris away from your iPad or other tablet. After sliding the tablet inside the pouch, you can still use the tablet to its full capability; sound even transmits through the bag. The fully transparent case, which costs $13.99 or less, seems effective at keeping out moisture. It’s a fantastic value with solid performance. If you are looking for a plain and simple way to protect your device from water this may be the way to go.

Quick Specs

  • Waterproof up to 25 feet
  • Double-sealed pouch

Nice affordable price

Fits similarly sized tablets such as the Samsung Nexus 10 and Amazon Kindle Fire

Doesn’t affect usability of the tablet

Transparent pouch on both sides

Allows sounds to transmit from tablet, so you can still watch videos or listen to music

Prevents overheating

Includes a neck strap to make carrying tablet easier when your hands are full


Included directions can be slightly confusing


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