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Best Baby Cribs

Top 10 Rated Baby Cribs By Valerie Baldowski There are oodles of infant cribs out on the market and the sheer number of brands and styles can boggle the mind. Many of them are fairly homogenous with similar or identical features, but close scrutiny reveals a few key differences which make some brands a better […]

Union 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Adjustable Crib  7.5/10 By Valerie Baldowski This Union model crib has its good points but some drawbacks as well. The crib frame is made of New Zealand pine wood with a non-toxic finish free of lead and phthalate, and the mattress can be adjusted to four heights. One side of the crib can be removed […]

More Baby Cribs

Stork Craft Aspen Stages  8/10 Dimensions: 60.75 inches x 29.5 inches x 49 inches This sleigh style convertible crib has a large drawer at the bottom for easy storage of diapers, baby wipes, clothes, toys and anything else a new mom would need… read more Back to Top Baby Cribs

Stork Craft Tuscany

Fixed Side Crib  8/10 By Valerie Baldowski This sleigh style convertible crib is a wonderful addition to any nursery. It is missing the large drawer that many cribs offer at the bottom. That shouldn’t be a problem if there is another place for the baby’s diapers, wipes, clothes, toys and anything else a new mom […]

Popular Baby Cribs

By Valerie Baldowski More than one factor comes into play when deciding on what infant crib to buy when a little one is on the way. The most methodical way is to read up on reviews published by consumer groups and federal agencies monitoring the safety of cribs. But being human, many consumers make their […]

Baby Crib Safety Standards

By Valerie Baldowski It’s been said that not all cribs are alike. Despite the homogenous nature of this product, seemingly minor differences one brand has from other brands can add up to a safer crib. An example can be a comparison between the Babyletto Harlow 3-in-1 and the Sorelle Prescott Convertible 4-in-1. The Sorelle Prescott […]

New Store for Online Crib Shopping

By Valerie Baldowski There is a new online contender fighting for a share of the market in the infant crib industry. announced its presence in the competitive baby furniture arena in November 2011. The Crib Hub, an online retail business based in California’s Central Valley, sells a variety of cribs as well as other […]

Baby Crib Styles

By Valerie Baldowski Consumers searching for the right infant crib to buy are swamped with choices, but not all cribs are created equal. Compared to cradles, bassinets and Moses baskets, cribs are the safest alternative for babies. Cribs are regulated by the federal government, and many are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). […]

New Crib Safety Standards

By Valerie Baldowski Along with the tougher standards now in place for fixed side baby cribs, the law banning the sale of drop side cribs is aimed squarely at forcing any remaining illegal cribs off the marketplace. The lergislation, HR 5386, went into effect in June 2011 making it against the law for businesses and […]

Look for Small but Important Differences in Cribs

By Valerie Baldowski At first glance it may appear infant cribs are a homogenous product, but look again. They may all be designed for the same task, but more differences than just the price tag are evident. Some cribs offer more bang for the buck. A comparison between the DaVinci and LA Baby brands is […]

Baby Cribs are Now Required to Meet Tougher Standards

By Valerie Baldowski The winds of change are sweeping over the crib industry. Going forward, parents, caregivers, and businesses that make cribs available to the public are expected to abide by newer, more stringent federal standards regulating cribs. That means child care facilities, foster homes, retail outlets, churches, hospitals and the hotel/motel industry will need […]

When Crib Shopping, Beware of those Scary Recall Histories

By Valerie Baldowski Parents-to-be are swamped with details to take care of before the baby arrives, and one of the most important detail is finding just the right crib. That’s no easy task considering the numerous recalls that have been issued over the years on a number of cribs for various reasons. Proper research will […]

Decide What You Want in a Mattress for Your Baby’s Crib

By Valerie Baldowski Crib basics include infant blankets and sheets, hanging mobiles, and of course a mattress that fits snugly against the side of the crib. A few crib manufacturers sell the mattress with the crib, but most are sold separately. Now parents must decide whether to purchase a traditional natural or an organic crib […]

When Comparing Crib Models and Styles, Choose Safety First

By Valerie Baldowski Glitzy made-to-order cribs don’t necessarily equate to a safe bed for your infant. Many, if not most, high-end cribs have no consumer safety certification readily available. Childrens products manufacturers recognized for their effective marketing techniques or one-of-a-kind unique products can slip under the radar of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Heart-shaped, round, […]

Take Care when Choosing an Alternative to a Crib for Baby

By Valerie Baldowski Most consumers searching for the right type of infant bed will choose a crib, but the alternatives to a traditional crib are Moses baskets, cradles and bassinets. Unlike cribs, Moses baskets and bassinets have no federal regulations to ensure their safety. Parents who prefer them have some safety tips to follow. Just […]

AFG Baby Daphne

Convertible Crib  8/10 By Valerie Baldowski The AFG Baby Daphne Convertible crib, billed as “perfect for the space conscious family,” is like two pieces of furniture in one. The Baby Daphne has a built-in changing table with three drawers and two shelves, which can be used later as a nightstand or dresser. Its non-drop side […]