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When Comparing Crib Models and Styles, Choose Safety First

By Valerie Baldowski
When Comparing Crib Models and Styles, Choose Safety First

Glitzy made-to-order cribs don’t necessarily equate to a safe bed for your infant. Many, if not most, high-end cribs have no consumer safety certification readily available. Childrens products manufacturers recognized for their effective marketing techniques or one-of-a-kind unique products can slip under the radar of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Heart-shaped, round, metal and designer cribs are regularly sold online for thousands of dollars, but finding information on the manufacturer or inspecting the product before buying is difficult. Many of the items marketed come with the warning that sales are final and there are no order cancellations or refunds. But as long as there is demand for such products, they will continue to be sold.

Wooden Cribs

  • The Little Miss Liberty Millennium Canopy, with a price tag of $770, is billed as the “latest and greatest version of the crib that started the revolution in the baby industry.” The tall posts accommodate a canopy, but it is low enough to fit under an eight-foot ceiling. It has a multi-positional base with safety locks.
  • The Little Miss Liberty Duetta Twin, on sale for $1,610, is a dual round crib designed for twins. It converts into individual cribs or expands if space for another baby is needed. The crib includes canopy kits as well as multi-position bases to adjust the height of the crib. A larger version, the Duetta Triplet Round, is on sale for $2,660.
  • The Little Miss Liberty Carousel Rocking Horse, selling for between $1,750 and $1,896, is a round crib with a hand painted replica carousel horse mounted to the crib, plus removable rockers.

Iron Cribs

  • For $1,190, the custom-made Addison Scroll Round Iron is decorated with detailed scrollwork, and is designed to be the focal point of the nursery. The crib is 46 inches in diameter, has a non-toxic finish and the round mattress is included. The same model with a canopy runs $1,590.
  • The Little Miss Liberty Aviary Round has tall posters to accommodate a canopy. It’s priced between $1,750 and $2,100, and it fits under an eight-foot ceiling. It has fancy scrollwork at the top of the dome, is 45 inches in diameter and weighs 194 pounds. Be warned: if you’re willing to pay the price tag, the marketer says this crib comes with double drop sides.
  • One of the highest priced iron cribs is the Corsican Versailles Garden Iron Crib, priced online for $2,960. The dimensions are 30 by 54 by 63 inches. Originally manufactured with a drop-side, modifications were made and it is now made with a fixed side.

Heart Shaped/Metal Cribs

  • The Little Miss Liberty Baby Dear Heart-Shaped sells for between $1,399, and $2,198. It comes with its own canopy kit and mattress. It has a multi-positional locking base for height adjustment and is formaldehyde-free. This crib also comes in a twin size for $4,398.
  • For a truly fancy effect, Little Miss Liberty makes the Crystal Round, for the fancy price of $2,899. Made of metal, the Crystal Round has plexiglass spindles to reflect the light, giving the appearance of a sparkling chandelier in the nursery. Again, despite the ban on drop-side cribs the marketer says this one has double drop-sides.
Valerie Baldowski is passionate about writing about everything from childrens safety and juvenile products to gardening tools. She is the mother of a high energy 8 year old child so she is accustomed to researching childrens products and services… See more about Valerie

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