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8 Tips for Better Vacuuming

8 Tips For Better Vacuuming

Vacuuming the house can be a tedious chore, but there are practices that will improve the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner and maybe cut down the number of times you have to pull out the device.

1. Vacuum areas with heaviest foot traffic most frequently.

To keep your carpets looking fresh and plush, you should get in the habit of vacuuming at least once or twice a week. The most heavily trafficked areas should get your most attention, with about seven back-and-forth strokes. The remote areas of the house only need about three to four strokes to be adequately cleaned. Some vacuum models have a dirt sensor that lets you know when a section of carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

2. Change the bag when it’s no more than three-quarters full.

Many bagged vacuum cleaners have a full-bag indicator. Regardless, you should check the bag before each use and change it when it reaches the specified height, or about three-quarters of the way full. Vacuuming up pet hair, for instance, will require you to change the bag more frequently.

3. Adjust the vacuum height for different carpets.

To get the most thorough suction power and to make the vacuum cleaner easy to push, adjust the height for different pile carpets. The higher the pile of the carpet, the higher the setting you should use.

4. Clean or replace the filter as recommended by the manufacturer.

You need to check the condition of the filter about every six months. Some filters you can simply wash clean; others need to be replaced, particularly if they’re torn or extremely dirty. It can be expensive replacing the filter, but it’s what keeps your vacuum cleaner running effectively.

5. Turn off the agitator brush to clean delicate rugs.

Your beautiful Oriental rug needs special care to retain its quality. With an upright vacuum cleaner, turn off the agitator brush or tip the head of the vacuum up to avoid catching the fringe in the brush. If you have a canister vacuum cleaner, use the bare-floor setting and the upholstery attachment for the gentlest treatment.

6. Give the vacuum cleaner a quick inspection before taking it in for repairs.

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t picking up as much dirt as it used to, there’s usually a simple solution that you can perform yourself without taking the machine in for costly repairs. With a screwdriver you can easily check the belt to see if it’s broken or worn down. Check to see if the bag or canister is full or if a hose is clogged. Sometimes new carpet causes vacuuming difficulties because the great amount of fibers can clog the air flow.

7. Dust before vacuuming.

Save yourself the trouble of cleaning the same area twice. Dust tables, bookcases, blinds, and windowsills first, so any dust that falls to the ground can be vacuumed up next.

8. Clean the brush attachments regularly.

Not only do brushes with snarled hair caught in its bristles look unattractive, they can grow worn and stiff and leave marks in your carpet. Change the brushes as needed.

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