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3 Great Supplements For Building Muscle


Want to get a little UMPH to your work out plan? Maybe you next to get over that hump and start reaching a new level in building muscle. These three supplements will help put your workout routine on a whole new level.

Though nothing can beat good nutrition and a consistent workout plan – supplements when used correctly by healthy individuals can be that extra fuel to put you on a new level.

These three supplements are great to aid your workout plan and can greatly improve results within as soon as one or two workouts. Yes, one or two workouts.

Protein Powder

Protein Powder is the first supplement anyone should think about taking. Many kinds of protein powders exist but the main concept is you guessed it: to provide a big amount of protein in an easy to drink shake.

Protein is essential in any diet and an added protein shake with Whey Protein can help you absorb good solid protein fast – and in a big amount. A great way to make up your macros.

Most protein powders have other ingredients to help with recovery after workouts. A protein shake is convenient, tasty, and provides great nutrition and fuel to make your muscles grow.


Creatine is an acid that occurs naturally in red meats and in the body. It provides energy to the cells in your muscles, hydrating them and keep them full.

An added creatine supplement will help saturate all your muscles with creatine – allowing them to retain more water and in the long run helping you:

a) Lift heavier weight for more reps
b) Look bigger and fuller

The retained water makes your muscles appear bigger while your on creatine (And drink plenty of water) but also has very quick term effects: which includes in increase in short burts activities such as weight lifting.

You will lift heavier and for more reps, within a week of starting supplementing with creatine. A cheap and well researched supplement taken by tons of people.


A Pre-Workout supplement is a great mixable powder to take before your workout. It provides a good blend of caffeine and energy increasing vitamins/ingredients to help you give you a great boost.

Many Pre-Workouts are different – so find the one right for you. A Pre-Workout will provide energy, focus, and stamina in the gym. Think of it like a very strong cup of coffee, but even stronger. It will put you in the zone and give you a great pump.

Speak with a doctor

Of course not everyone has the same body – you should always speak with a doctor before supplementing with anything, to make sure you are healthy enough to take one.

Be smart – and work hard, and get the best results!

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