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Jon Bannister

Jon Bannister has always had an interest in the latest technology and gadgetry. A graduate of the Georgia Tech computer science program, Jon has a very technical and working knowledge on how computers interact with and improve our lives. A recent discovery in his life is his love for fitness. This has meshed with his love for technology in a very interesting way. He tries to find a fresh perspective on the boring old idea of fitness and incorporate the ever changing world of technology. Some of his reviews have been published with the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other places. Jon BannisterJon on Google+

Some Contributions by Jon

Top 10 2012 Laptops for Students

Top 10 2012 Laptops for Students Backpacks

Whether your child is in high-school or college, these days some sort of computer is needed. Laptops are generally your best choice as it offers portability so your child can bring it with him to class to take notes, complete homework at a coffee shop…[more]

Best Protein Powder

Top 10 Gas Dryers

Protein Powder is a great supplement for someone looking to put on mass or even just get a good extra amount of protein in an easy to drink form. They’re tons of different protein powders on the market and we picked our favorite brands for you… [more]

Best Android Tablet

Top 10 iPad 2 Cases

The iPad is no longer the boss in the tablet arena – the increasing popular Android OS tablet is a huge competitor that is taking over the market. With a super sleek interface, frequent updates, a plethora of apps, unlimited customization, and more – this makes any tablet running Android a very good alternative the stale Apple OS on the iPad… [more]

Best 7″ Tablets

What to Take on a Backpacking Trip

Saving in price but not sacrificing features – 7” tablets allow a more portable experience. Hold your tablet with one hand, put it in your back pocket, bring it every where. Pay less too. They’re some hot hitters this year and these are our top 10 – 7” tablets of 2012…. [more]

Best Budget Tablets

Best Budget Tablets

Some people just dont understand the Tablet craze, and can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on something they might not use. Or maybe your a college student, or just don’t have much to spend on tech gizmos in general…. [more]