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Best Workout Plans

Top 10 Rated Workout Plans 2024


Whether you want ripped abs, bigger muscles, or to just live healthier – a workout plan that is set in stone can help you achieve the results you want. A constant plan that you can follow will be much more valuable and yield more results then just winging some made up program in your head. If you want results, you need to commit to a good plan.

We found a variety of different workout plans that work great – some are DVD’s and some are books – some provide a nutritional plan as well as other components. If your serious about getting in shape or just being healthier, then take the time to read our list and decide for yourself.

INSANITY 60 Day Total Body Workout  9.5/10

60 Day Workout Program
DVD Guided Workout
Nutritional Guide
Online Support Tools
Get Stronger, Faster, Leaner

INSANITY is just that, INSANE! But for some of the fastest results in one of the most intense programs, it’s worth being a little insane. Trainer Shaun T provides 60 days with 10 workout videos that increase the intensity with each workout. Also included is a nutrition guide and calendar to track your progress. INSANITY produces results, IF you can handle it.


P90X 90-Day Extreme Workout  9.5/10

90-Day Workout Program
DVD Guided
Nutritional Guide
Get lean, bulk up, get stronger, get shredded

P90X is another crazy 90 day DVD program similar to INSANITY. It is just as intense and yields just as good results. Get lean, bulk up, get stronger, and stay motivated. You get a collection of 12 highly diverse workout DVDs breaking down each workout for you. Also included is the very needed nutrition plan. Tony Horton has a great attitude and comes off as a very motivational guy in the workout videos. Put in the work and youll see great results with P90X.


George St-Pierre 8 Week RUSHFIT  9/10

8 Week Workout Plan
High Intensity
Train core, strength, endurance, EVERYTHING!

George St-Pierre is a UFC champion and his new Workout Plan DVD series is actually really good, also called RUSHFIT. Training calendar for beginner, intermediate, and advanced people, workout guide on DVD, and nutrition guide. Not to mention George keeps the intensity high, but has you train like a champion. You will train strength and endurance, abdominal and core, explosive power, balance and agility, and even a fight conditioning workout. Great to get in shape, and for people who want to fight.


ChaLEAN Extreme Workout Plan  9/10

90 Day Workout Plan
Burn fat, Get Lean
Hit core power, cardio, and more

ChaLEAN Extreme Workout DVD Program will burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get you into a lean mean fighting machine. A series of DVD’s with workouts ranging from burning fat, to pushing exercises, getting lean, cardio, and your core. This program is designed simply to burn fat and get lean, while also building a little muscle. A great program with great instruction you can do at home.


Power 90: 90-Day Workout Plan  9/10

90 Days Workout Plan
Burn fat, build strength
Nutritional Plan
DVD Series

Another version of P90X with Tony Horton – a just as great workout plan which will yield fat burning results and strength gain. Go through circuits in the DVD series and in 30 minutes a day challenge yourself to things youve never done. A fantastic meal plan is included, calendar, transformtion tracker, and much more. This is a great program we can;t recommend enough!


10 Minute Trainer: Workout Plan for Busy People  8.5/10

Workout Plan to follow for however long you want
For busy people
Quick 10 minute intense workout

Are you busy and only have a few minutes to workout? This program takes just 10 minute workouts and gets your shreded at home. In one insanely intense and fast routine you will burn fat, tone your body, and do abs all in one. It’s easy to follow and comes with a set of resistance bands, workout calendar, and more. A great plan for those with a busy life.


INSANITY 30-Day Sport Workout Plan  8.5/10

Workout Plan for sports players
30 Days
Shaun T Instructor

If you are playing sports this is a GREAT workout plan from Shaun T of INSANITY. You will focus on conditioning and training for sports: endurance, power, strength, and more. 6 DVD’s to teach you to move and feel like a football running back or all-star guard. This program will increase your speed, power, agility, and coordination. A great program for high-school kids in sports or anyone wanting to take it to the next level.


Men’s Health Maximum Muscle Workout Plan  8.5/10

From Mens Health
12 Week workout plan

Mens Health releases this great 12 week workout plan book. This program will replaced outdated myths with the newest finding in strength training. Lift heavier and get ripped. Hundreds of exercises tailored to your lifestyle and body type. If you dont want to spend $100+ for a DVD workout program this book is a great supplement to help kick you in shape.


101 Muscle Building Workouts and Nutritional Plans  8/10

4 weeks to 3 months
Excersises and meal suggestions
Book program

A simple book showing you 101 different workout and nutrition plans, all backed by scientific research. Multiple programs are covered from short 4 week to long 3 month programs. Meal plans and more also in this book. A great simple way to get started in getting ripped.


Men’s Health Big Book of Excercises  8/10

4 week plan
Core and Cardio focused
400+ page book program

This book from Mens Health features tons of essential workouts to get a better body. For beginners and long time workout fanatics this book features 400+ pages of great advice to a greater body. 4 weeks to hit every muscles in the body and core+cardio.


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